Bridge by Smartsheet

by Product Marketing

October 1, 2020  

Bridge by Smartsheet enables organizations to build complex, high-value workflows across mission critical platforms through a simple, no-code user interface. Teams can reduce time spent on manual and repetitive tasks using workflows that are triggered to run based on various types of actions. By applying business logic to data-driven actions, organizations will drive overall efficiency and accuracy, allowing teams to spend more time on innovation. 

We quietly announced Bridge in July, and it is available for purchase to Smartsheet customers on Enterprise and Premier plans.

Since announcing Bridge in July, we’ve continued to strengthen its capabilities and release updates based on customer feedback:

Sendgrid integration

Automatically send emails from SendGrid using dynamic data to populate content and recipients. Construct the full email in Bridge, or use a SendGrid template and populate dynamic content in the template. Create emails or use templates to automatically manage your marketing campaigns from Sendgrid when events take place in other systems.

Workflow Run Status Filters & Run Log Pagination: 

These enhancements allow for more granular troubleshooting of workflows. Previously, when troubleshooting or monitoring a workflow that is actively running, you are the most interested in less recent workflows or workflows with a status other than “Completed.” With this release, pagination and the ability to filter workflow runs by status are available to help other users who want to be able to identify and analyze older workflow runs.

Improved Looping: 

This update to looping allows you to more easily use child workflows when iterating through data by allowing you to choose if the child workflow should run once, run multiple times, or run based on the length of an array of data. If you choose multiple times, you will be able to specify a number. If you reference an array of data, the workflow will use the length of the array to determine how many times the child workflow runs.

To learn more about Bridge, visit our website or contact your account representative.