Column formulas

by Product Marketing

October 1, 2020

Licensed sheet owners and sheet admins can now convert their cell level formulas to an entire column in Smartsheet. To get started, enter a formula in a cell, right click, and select “Convert to Column Formula” from the cell options menu. This will apply the formula to every cell in the column, uniformly. Now, no matter where rows get added to your sheet via form, copy/paste, or move row, the column formula will automatically apply to every cell that gets added to the column. 

Once a column formula is set up, it is a read-only experience to eliminate accidental editing or overwrites from your collaborators. All users will be able to tell there is a column formula applied via the “Fx’ symbol in the column header, and can view the underlying formula by hovering over any cell in the column.

Read our help article and check out our blog post to learn more about the benefits of working with column formulas in your sheets.