Create proofs for a variety of content

by Product Marketing

October 1, 2020

Smartsheet proofs fully support images, videos, PDFs, and Microsoft Office documents. If your team works with other kinds of content, proofing can now also streamline how your team reviews and approves anything that can be attached to your sheet, including Google Docs and other links:

  • Request reviews from any stakeholder--no Smartsheet license required
  • Send all reviewers to a single, dedicated review page to reduce confusion and bottlenecks while encouraging discussion
  • Easily track approvals and manage versions for multiple review cycles

At this time, only images, videos, PDFs, and Microsoft Office files can be previewed and annotated directly in the proof. Additional file types and links must be downloaded or opened in a separate tab.

To get started with a new proof in one of your rows, click the Add a proof icon in the Proofs column.

Learn more about proofing.