Create subtasks from Smartsheet in JIRA

by Product Marketing

December 5, 2019 - Previously, subtasks did not properly populate when creating them from Smartsheet. Now, you can add subtasks to an issue from Smartsheet and they will be populated within Jira correctly. 


  1. Select an issue you wish to create a subtask of.

  2. Insert a row below it.

  3. Select the issue type and change to “Sub-task”, and fill out the Description field, Summary, etc. (We recommend ensuring the Issue Type column is locked to a pick-list of the correct values; i.e. usually Epic, Story, Bug, Task, Sub-task.)

  4. Select (or mass select) the “issue key” column, and indent it. (This will denote issue hierarchy and ownership within Smartsheet, so other issues around organization being overwritten do not occur; you must also select the issue type before you indent it, or cell indentation will not be available.)

  5. This will allow you to create the sub-task from Smartsheet and correctly populate it to the parent issue in Jira.