DataTable Sharing & Permission Levels

by Product Marketing

December 12, 2022

You can now share your DataTables by granting others admin and viewer rights — allowing shared users to manage and create DataTable records and connections for more transparency and less redundancy.

DataTables will now have the two following permission levels: admin and view access. 

Admins can: 

  • Create Data Shuttle workflows
  • View, edit, and delete a DataTable
  • View, edit, create, and delete records on a DataTable
  • Modify the permissions on a DataTable (i.e. assign others as admins or viewers and remove their own access)
  • View, edit, create and delete DataTable connections

Viewers can: 

  • View the DataTable
  • View records in the DataTable
  • View, edit, create and delete DataTable connections

Smartsheet System Admins will also be able to add and remove Admins and Viewers for all DataTables in an organization. To view all DataTables, the System Admin can toggle “View all” in the DataTable list view to see all DataTables in their organization and share with any other licensed user on their plan — preventing DataTables from being left without an owner.

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Environments availability: Commercial US

Plan type availability: Enterprise Plans that have purchased Advance Gold or Platinum

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