The new Smartsheet experience

by Product Marketing

April 15, 2021

We've reimagined the design of Smartsheet to help you and your team get more done, with less noise and a more beautiful, delightful experience.

Across most of the app the font has been updated to “TT Norms” for headers and “Inter” for all other text. Icons have also been updated, to make it easier to distinguish between sheets, reports, and dashboards in areas like the recents and favorites panels, and in browse.

Sheets have a new look, with more whitespace and updated toolbars on grid, card, Gantt, and calendar views, and visual improvements to the File, Automation, Forms, and cell menus. Reports also feature the same updates across grid, Gantt, and calendar views. We’ve also made visual changes to the row-level icons for Attachments, Comments, Proofs and Update Requests, but none of the functionality you rely on has changed.

The right rail, now called the feature bar, has also been updated with a new design and iconography.

These design updates to the Smartsheet platform are a part of the new Smartsheet experience. Learn more.

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