Portfolio WorkApps now available!

by Product Marketing


Portfolio WorkApps streamlines project and portfolio management by combining the power of Control Center, enabling teams to deploy standardized, consistent project plans with a click of a button, with the simplicity of WorkApps, providing one location to access and report on details across your portfolio.

With Portfolio WorkApps, you can create tailored experiences for every member of your team. Portfolio managers, executives, project managers, and stakeholders can go to a single Portfolio WorkApp but have different experiences depending on the access they've been granted and how they are involved in a project.

You can learn more about Portfolio WorkApps in this blog post or help article!

Environments availability: Commercial US, Commercial EU

Plan type availability:  It is available for new Control Center programs on Smartsheet Advance or an Enterprise plan with Control Center added on. 

IMPORTANT: There is no way to convert an existing SCC program to a Portfolio WorkApp, it requires a full rebuild with our professional services team at this time.

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