Smartsheet Gov: Formulas for HAS and COUNTM

by Product Marketing

December 19, 2019 - Two new formulas help users interact and analyze the information in multi-select and multi-contact columns.


With the HAS formula, users will be able to determine if any multi-select cells have specific values selected, and pair this new formula with other formulas to, for example, count how many times that values appears in a column or range, and much more! Similar to other logical expressions, the formula can be used with other functions, such as NOT, AND, OR, IF, COUNT, SUM, COUNTIF, SUMIF, etc.

How is this different from CONTAINS? HAS will only search for an exact match, where as CONTAINS will search for a partial match. For example, if you have "apps" in any column type, and "apples" in a multi-select, using the CONTAINS function searching for "app" will return both apps and apples. To specifically search for "Apples" you will want to use HAS.


With the COUNTM formula, users will be able to quickly count the number of values in a cell or range of cells. This will enable users to do things like count how many email addresses are in a multi-contact cell or column, or just get the number of values in a multi-select cell or column.