10,000ft rebranded to Resource Management by Smartsheet

by Adam Lang

Effective resource management is mission-critical for organizations across all industries, yet most tools specializing in capacity planning are overly complex — and costly. 

In 2019, to help our customers make more confident operational decisions across their portfolios, Smartsheet acquired 10,000ft, building on our vision of empowering everyone to more effectively plan, track, automate and report on work.

Last year, we launched an integration between Smartsheet and 10,000ft to improve real-time, portfolio-level visibility so organizations can make resourcing decisions directly in a Smartsheet project sheet and to ensure project changes would flow seamlessly across both platforms.

Today, we are taking another important step along our journey to unify these two products. Moving forward, 10,000ft will continue to be a powerful platform, used by thousands of organizations, but it will now fly under the banner of a new name, Resource Management by Smartsheet.

"Since acquiring 10,000ft in 2019, Smartsheet has offered customers 10,000ft to complement the Smartsheet platform to provide a best-in-class project and resource management solution. Over the last two years Smartsheet and 10,000ft have been increasingly purchased together; however, for new customers the 10,000ft brand name created confusion. By changing to a more capability-based name "Resource Management by Smartsheet'' we are reducing that confusion. The rebranding also represents a commitment to continue integrating resource management into the core Smartsheet experience." Robin Sherwood, Sr. Director of Product Management

New branding

10kft rebrand blog inline

If you are an existing customer, here are a few things that have changed:

  1. 10, redirects to
  2. We changed the application domain from to
  3. We retired the 10,000ft balloon icon in the right rail and replaced it with our new Resource Management icon

We’re excited and energized for this new chapter, and look forward to seeing all of the creative ways organizations put Resource Management to use! If you have any questions about the rebrand, please check out this help article.