Empowering our channel partners to grow profitably with the next generation of Smartsheet Aligned

by The Smartsheet Team

Smartsheet Aligned is a program to recognize solutions partners, referral partners, and system integrators with functional and industry specializations

The next generation of Smartsheet Aligned is here, with expanded incentives, new paths for market and industry specializations, and significantly more training and resources. Our partners will now be better recognized and rewarded for their investments in providing our customers with industry-leading solutions and best-in-class service.

Evolving since its 2019 launch, the new program was built in partnership with and feedback from our global partner base. And rightfully so — the Smartsheet partner channel has realized 59% annualized growth every year since the launch of the current program in 2019.  This impact combined with the tremendous growth of the collaborative work management market, the investments partners make in our platform, and their customer-centric mindset is the foundation for this next chapter. 

Evolved program, evolved benefits

We know that partners play a critical role when it comes to delivering the right solution at the right scale for our customers. That’s why we evolved our program to recognize solutions partners, referral partners, and system integrators with functional and industry specializations to grow based on the value they provide. 

We have made significant enhancements that I believe will help our partners unlock more, not only for their business, but for our customers. For example: 

1. Custom role-based training and solution certifications

Upskilling our partner base is something that we’re continuously improving and expanding on. The more our partners know about our platform, the better they can serve our customers. 

That’s why we have created new custom role-based training and solutions certifications designed specifically for Smartsheet Aligned partners and their teams, setting a new standard for channel programs in our category.

Partners can even deepen their knowledge to better serve customers in a variety of industries including healthcare, financial services or higher education, so the solutions they are delivering are industry-specific and customized to meet their exact needs.

In addition to the new training inclusions, expanded financial discounts and rebates like differentiated incentives will make a tangible impact for Smartsheet’s partners.


2. World-class technical enablement resources

We always strive to set our customers up with the solutions they need to drive better outcomes. As they start to see initial success and realize the value our platform can provide, requests for increasingly complex solutions start to grow. That’s why we have added access to world-class technical enablement resources and sales experts available to help at any point of a customer’s journey. 

Our partners have access to Smartsheet sales team members to include dedicated channel account managers, direct sales representatives, sales engineers, and product technical support resources. Furthermore, we provide our partners a path to escalated product technical support to ensure that their most difficult customer challenges are resolved in a timely manner. 


3. Marketing and demand generation resource center 

Core to the new program is helping our partners not only raise awareness of their business but drive net new opportunities at the push of a button. That’s why we are launching a new marketing center with pre-built marketing assets to drive growth and build relationships. These additional marketing resources will help our channel community —and ultimately, our mutual customers —achieve more. 

Continuing to drive innovation, together

We know that collaborative work management platforms are key to how we work today, and there’s a huge opportunity for our channel partners to help organizations tap into this potential. 

Regional training sessions will walk current channel partners through the new Smartsheet Aligned program structure and the new features available to them. For prospective partners, please contact us for more details about the program.

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