Smartsheet is officially certified as a Great Place to Work®

by Holly Gordon

In a year that has seen unprecedented change and upheaval, employers and employees alike have had to adapt their expectations and goals. And as many of us have shifted to remote work, the need for a strong company culture is greater than ever.

That’s why we’re so thrilled to cap off this year with an achievement we couldn’t be prouder of: our official certification as a Great Place to Work®! As a global authority on workplace culture, employee experience, and leadership behaviors, Great Place to Work uses validated employee feedback to evaluate companies on camaraderie, credibility, fairness, pride, and respect. Our certification confirms that 7 out of 10 employees have a consistently positive experience working at Smartsheet.

And this achievement is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. This week we were also honored to be named to Comparably’s award lists for Best Company Culture and Best Company for Women, bringing our total to nine Comparably awards in 2020. These awards are unique in that they are based solely on anonymous employee feedback.

Blue and red badge with text Great Place to Work Certified Nov 2020 to Nov 2021 USA alongside two gold badges from Comparably 2020 Best Company for Women and 2020 Best Company Culture with the Smartsheet logo in the corner

Being a great place to work goes beyond just the office, whether that’s in person or remote. As CEO Mark Mader put it:

"Work is not a place. It’s an action. And that action, when done well, is fulfilling, fun, and rewarding. Let’s continue to live our values in support of our mission to empower everyone to drive meaningful change."

If you ask our employees, all of this recognition only further underscores the unique culture that is felt and seen across Smartsheet day in and day out. Whether it’s a solutions services manager, an engineering director, or a member of our senior leadership team, everyone is invested in nurturing our culture, and everyone has their own thoughts about what exactly makes Smartsheet such a great place to work.

A sense of ownership and purpose

"Everybody matters, everybody makes a difference. There's nobody at any level that doesn't have an impact and isn’t expected to have an impact. And I think that's really unique, and it creates a really motivated team that knows they matter." —Becky Simon, senior manager of demand generation

"I really just enjoy the friends I’ve made, and the energy and sense of purpose that I’ve found. That sense of purpose and positive energy was palpable when we were working all together in the office, and even though we’re working in a two-dimensional world these days, it’s still coming across loud and clear." —Paul Porrini, chief legal officer

A culture as collaborative as our product

"It’s very important to not be just a lone wolf, but rather to think about, ‘How do you make others succeed? And how do you succeed with them?’ Although one smart person can build something, 10 smart people can do a lot better. And that's what we build, and what we want to empower our customers to build as well." —Hrishi Joshi, senior manager of engineering

"This notion that we have each other’s back. You go to work, and you know that we each want each other to succeed, that we want to go do something important in the world. We want our work to matter, and we want it to matter together, and that is what makes Smartsheet truly special." —Anna Griffin, chief marketing officer

Adaptive to change, but true to our roots

"Great cultures shine the most when they’re tested, and I think what we saw over this past year is a great example of how strong and flexible our culture is to thrive in this challenging environment." —Gene Farrell, chief product officer

"We've managed to keep our small-company culture as we grow … And specifically what I mean by small-company feel is that the people come first — we don't have a product, we don't have a go-to-market strategy, we don't have an effective product, unless we have people that are really bought in and trust each other." —Aya Wilde, commercial sales engineering lead

A place to be your authentic self

"I’ve never felt uncomfortable voicing my opinions, even if it went against the status quo. Not many people at other companies would feel that type of acceptance and just really feel like they have the opportunity to do that. From my experience, doing so has made me feel included." —Brittany Schulte, client development manager

"When I first interviewed, one of the things that I was very, very straightforward with was that I wanted to be part of an organization that really drives DEI work. And as a manager, I wanted to make sure that I was able to build out and shape what the pipeline looked like and how we make our teams. And thankfully, I've been able to do that … [Smartsheet] is a place where I can really bring my genuine self, and that includes ensuring that there's a path built up for people who are underrepresented." —Karina Becerra, solution services manager

The desire to do and be better

"There’s no such thing as a bad question. You're asking questions to find the answer, and the reason that somebody is asking that question is because that information isn’t available. You’re always able to question and ask why something is being done, and you should always be thirsty to know why something is happening." —Gihan Munasinghe, senior director of engineering

"We need to show up every day as our best selves. For the People team that means providing the best employee experience that we possibly can. That’s ahead of us every single day. There’s no resting, because every day we’re welcoming new team members, we’re growing, we’re scaling. We’re constantly evolving, and we need to continue to become the organization we aspire to be — one where people feel they can connect and do their best work, and one that they are proud to be a part of." —Kara Hamilton, chief people and culture officer

Be a part of our growing team!

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