Download Free Gantt Chart Templates in Microsoft Word

By Diana Ramos | July 3, 2020

In this article, you’ll find the most helpful Gantt chart templates for Microsoft Word, which have been researched and compiled by leading project management experts.

Included on this page, you’ll find a basic Gantt chart, a sales activity Gantt chart, weekly and monthly task Gantt charts, and many more helpful templates.

Basic Gantt Chart Template

Basic Gantt Chart Template

Use this simple Gantt chart template to track tasks, assign owners to each task, calculate duration, and identify dependencies between tasks to ensure you complete your project on time. Within this template, you’ll find space to break out tasks into phases and view overall progress, which will help you manage projects in a timely manner.

Download Basic Gantt Chart Template

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Project Management Gantt Chart

Project Management Gantt Chart Template

As you work to effectively manage your project, use this detailed Gantt chart template to list each task, provide descriptions, assign owners, and document start and end dates. Keep all project details organized, identify milestones, and view dependencies to ensure your team completes tasks in a timely manner. 

Download Project Management Gantt Chart Template

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Work Schedule Gantt Chart Template

Work Schedule Gantt Chart Template

If you’re looking for an easy way to track specific work schedules and tasks, use this Gantt chart template to list all the things on your to-do list and plot them against a specific timeline. Use the at-a-glance view to gain insight into project schedule and use those details to alter tasks as needed.

Download Work Schedule Gantt Chart Template - Word

Monthly Task Gantt Chart Template

Monthly Task Gantt Chart Template

Track and monitor project tasks over a one-month time period with this helpful monthly task Gantt chart template. List tasks by each phase and view progress quickly to stay on top of the work that needs to be completed each month to ensure the timely project delivery. 

Download Monthly Task Gantt Chart Template - Word

Weekly Task Gantt Chart

Weekly Task Gantt Chart Template

For shorter projects with tasks that span the course of a week, use this template to list all corresponding deliverables, owners, and start and end dates. This template will help you to keep projects flowing smoothly, which is especially important for projects with shorter durations.

Download Weekly Task Gantt Chart Template - Word

Sales Activity Gantt Chart Template

Sales Activity Gantt Chart

Track all sales activity associated with an individual salesperson or team-wide sales goals with this sales activity Gantt chart. View planned sales forecast numbers against actual sales quotas, break down sales numbers by a specific client or product, and track progress over the course of a predetermined sales cycle, to hold all sales team members accountable.

Download Sales Activity Gantt Chart Template - Word

Product Life Cycle Gantt Chart

Product Lifecycle Gantt Chart Template

Plan and drive the development of your IT product with this helpful Gantt chart. Break out the phases of your product roadmap, track feature developments, identify release dates, and note closeout actions. 

Download Product Lifecycle Gantt Chart Template

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Marketing Plan Gantt Chart

Marketing Campaign Gantt Chart Template

Organize all tasks associated with your marketing campaigns and launches with this helpful, marketing-specific Gantt chart template. Break out projects into phases, like planning, creative development, promotion planning, launch, and evaluation. Use this template to gain insight into task status, assign owners for each overall phase and underlying task(s), and note start and end dates.

Download Marketing Plan Gantt Chart Template

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