Free Microsoft Word Invoice Templates

By Andy Marker | May 20, 2019

In this article, you’ll find the most comprehensive roundup of Microsoft Word invoice templates, each of which is free to download, printable, and fully customizable. For more invoice templates in additional formats, like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, visit this invoice template article.

Included on this page, you'll find a blank invoice template, a simple Word invoice template, a commercial invoice template, and more.

Blank Invoice Templates for Word

Every template in this collection of blank invoices is easy to customize and use for any basic invoice need that arises in business.

Simple Word Invoice Template


Download Simple Invoice Template

Word  | Smartsheet

Easily bill clients and track amounts due with this basic invoice template. Fill out all relevant information, such as provided services and cost, and send it directly to customers, or print and send a physical copy. The layout is customizable and you can include a company logo.

Blank Invoice Template


Blank Invoice Template

‌ Download Blank Invoice Template - Word

This blank invoice template is versatile, and is suitable for a variety of use cases. List goods or services provided, their subsequent cost, and additional payment notes so you can effectively track all transactions in one comprehensive place.

Past Due Invoice Template


‌ Download Past Due Invoice Template - Word

Notify customers and clients of any overdue payments with this complete past due invoice template. Recall payment policies and provided services in this comprehensive template, so both your finance team and customers can easily find, pay, and report on all invoice information.

Service Invoice Template

Download Service Invoice Template

Word  | Smartsheet

Use this generic invoice template to bill for specific services you provide and track expenses in one place. With space to include the type of work completed, hourly rates, amount due, and client contact information, you can efficiently bill your client or customer for any service, which will help to keep your budget on track and manageable.

Business Invoice Templates for Word

Freelancers, consultants, and designers looking for an adaptable invoice template will find what they need in this section. There are also templates for a variety of business specific services.

Freelance Writer Invoice Template


‌ Download Freelance Writer Invoice Template - Word

Use this freelance writer invoice template to bill for content writing services, extraneous fees, and payment terms and agreements. Customize the template with editable color schemes and business names.

Web Design Invoice Template


‌ Download Web Design Invoice Template - Word

Those in web design can use this template to bill for design services and other related design tasks, so you are paid for the time and work you put into a website. Include specific details within the template, like hours, rates, business information, and total costs.

Graphic Design Invoice Template


‌ Download Graphic Design Invoice Template - Word

Detail project costs and hours completed for graphic design work with this free, customizable template. With space to include terms, totals, and billable hours, you can fill out and edit this template to your liking so you can ensure you charge the correct amount for your work.

Sales Invoice Tracking Template


Sales Invoice Tracker Template

‌ Download Sales Invoice Template - Word

Document and track all sales billings to create a historical database of services. Store multiple invoices within one comprehensive invoice to eliminate version control and accessibility issues. Additionally, you can track old expenses against new ones to compare billings over time.

Commercial Invoice Template


Commercial Invoice Template

‌ Download Commercial Invoice Template - Word

Use this template to document and track all commercial goods and their corresponding details, like item evaluations, number of packages, type of enclosed goods, and classifications. Use the separate areas of the template to list shipment weights, unit values, and insurance costs.

International Commercial Invoice Template


International Commercial Invoice Template

‌ Download International Commercial Invoice Template - Word

When dealing with goods or shipments outside of the U.S., use this international commercial invoice template to list and manage all payments, costs, goods evaluation, and more. Classify and list the goods by category so you can easily track shipments from a starting location to end location.

Consulting Invoice Template


Consulting Invoice Template

‌ Download Consulting Invoice Template - Word

Track hourly charges, denote additional fees, and add equipment or set-up fees with this detailed consulting invoice template. This template enables a consultant to appropriately bill a client for the correct charges.

Pro Forma Invoice Template


Pro-Forma Invoice Template

‌ Download Pro Forma Invoice Template - Word

Document a preliminary record of sales to use until all transactions are finalized with this pro forma invoice template. Itemize your costs and items, but allow flexibility to include additional costs, like taxes and shipping costs, until the transaction is made final. Use this template as a placeholder for a sales quote or sales invoice. Learn more about pro forma financial statements here.

Free Service Invoice Templates for Word

Download and customize the templates in this section to provide invoices for a variety of vendor specific services.

Rental Invoice Template


‌ Download Rental Invoice Template - Word

Document monthly rental rates and accurately charge tenants according to their leasing agreement with this rental invoice template. You can then use the chart to easily remind tenants of their recurring rental charge, and also detail any additional charges, like utilities or damage fees.

Catering Invoice Template


‌ Download Catering Invoice Template - Word

Catering companies can use this comprehensive template to send an invoice for an event of any size. Include all key details and event expenses, like catering services, food charges, and more. Break down costs, and the template will automatically calculate billing totals.

Medical Invoice Template


‌ Download Medical Invoice Template - Word

Applicable for all medical use cases — from hospital providers to dermatologist to physical therapists — this invoice template provides patients with an overview of care and the resulting cost. This template also includes space to document insurance information and unique payment options.

Handyman Invoice Template


‌ Download Handyman Invoice Template - Word

Document materials used, project details, and additional labor costs with this handyman services invoice template. Give your clients and customers an in-depth look at completed work, and the resulting cost of each.

Trucking Invoice Template


‌ Download Trucking Invoice Template - Word

Document, track, and bill for all trucking costs, including mileage, shipments, and delivery information with this comprehensive trucking invoice template. With space available to identify transported items, who made the delivery and when, and any damages were incurred, you will be able to charge your clients and customers accordingly.

Electrical Invoice Template


‌ Download Electrical Invoice Template - Word

rovide a description of the site, property, and owner details, overall work summaries, and electrical parts used with this complete electrical invoice template. Give clients a complete overview of the completed work and the resulting charges.

Moving Invoice Template


‌ Download Moving Invoice Template - Word

Use this moving invoice template for any moving project, large or small, to identify and document all shipments, travel time, labor costs, and hourly rates. Movers can provide clients with an overarching summary of the completed work and the resulting cost with this customizable invoice.

Hotel Invoice Template


‌ Download Hotel Invoice Template - Word

Use this template to provide a receipt of hotel charges, which can include nightly rates, room service charges, taxes, or additional provider fees. Document the number of guests and how many nights were spent in the hotel to ensure you’re billing guests the appropriate amount.

Auto Repair Invoice Template


Auto Repair Invoice Template

‌ Download Auto Repair Invoice Template - Word

Bill customers for auto repairs, service, and maintenance fees, and document your cash flow. Use this template to track customer information, such as name, phone number, and billing address, as well as list provided services.

Contractor Invoice Template


Contractor Invoice Template

‌ Download Contractor Invoice Template - Word

Charge clients and detail the billed services for with this professionally designed template. Easily document completed services, rate, and hours worked so you can collect accurate pay from your clients and customers.

Free Invoice Templates for Word - Personal Items

Whether you’re looking to accept donations or sell your automobile, these basic templates will help you collect all the information necessary to document the sale.

Donation Receipt Template


‌ Download Donation Receipt Template - Word

Confirm receiving charitable donations and gifts with this donation receipt template. Use this receipt to list donated items and the approximate value of each, so providers can use the invoice for tax purposes. Although this template provides a basic outline, check with the IRS to ensure that you’re following all donation receipt guidelines are followed.

Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Template


‌ Download Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Template - Word

Document and solidify the sale of a used car, motorcycle, or other recreational vehicle with this bill of sale template. The template nails down the agreement between buyer and seller, and includes all relevant details, such as payment terms, vehicle type, and outstanding conditions.

Alternatives to Using Microsoft Word Templates for Invoices

Microsoft Word is a great tool for crafting documents, creating reports, and drafting letters. However, sometimes it’s not the most efficient tool to use for calculating totals and building formulas that automatically update — especially when you’re creating one by hand rather than leveraging a premade template.

One alternative to Microsoft Word is Microsoft Excel, which enables you to create formulas and calculate taxes, costs, and more, without having to manually measure the calculations. That said, Microsoft Excel does not have any collaboration features, which can cause visibility and version control issues.

A powerful, more collaborative alternative to Microsoft Word is Smartsheet, which enables you to create invoices — either manually or with a preformatted template — and also calculates totals, fees, and other charges automatically. Additionally, Smartsheet has powerful sharing features, which allows you to send your invoices to all stakeholders to ensure you are billing the right people for the right services.

Improve Invoicing with Real-Time Work Management in Smartsheet

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