Bavitech brings clarity to every sale and project, ensuring continuity and efficiency

Bavitech needed a versatile, flexible solution to track sales processes. With Smartsheet, it brought every customer detail and document together, empowering its team to seamlessly collaborate on lengthy projects.

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saved by generating dashboards automatically for internal reports


of approvals being done on the phone, giving staff more flexibility over how they work


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“Previously, it would take us approximately three months to prepare the manual reports. With Smartsheet, we can generate dashboards on the fly.”

Hoang Hai

Chief Executive Officer at Bavitech

Based in Vietnam, Bavitech Corporation offers design and engineering services for industries like steel manufacturing, food and beverage, and water and wastewater treatment. “Our main focus is on providing industrial automation solutions tailored to these industries,” explains Hoang Hai, Chief Executive Officer at Bavitech. “For instance, we supply software to monitor the water sector or systems for treatment plants.”

Photo courtesy of Bavitech Corporation

A quest for more clarity and agility

With a very diverse portfolio, Bavitech needed a robust, versatile solution to manage its business operations. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company also needed to adapt to employees working from home, which expedited the need for a flexible digital product even further.

“We had already developed software for approvals, but our developers were slow in adapting to our requirements, and adding new features often meant more expenses,” recalls Hai. “We also realised that we required a customer relationship management (CRM) feature to control customer data within our system.”

The Bavitech team reached out to Gia Thinh Technology to build a potential solution based on Smartsheet. “Since we had already used similar software, we understood the procedures and rules, enabling us to quickly customise Smartsheet to meet our requirements,” shares Hai. “Our IT team wasn’t even directly involved in the development, which freed them up for client-facing work. We simply established the structure and procedures required for each department and we implemented them in Smartsheet.”

With a clear vision of what it needed, Bavitech started relying on Smartsheet to manage its sales processes. “As soon as a lead turns into a sale, the teams use the solution to track opportunities, follow up on quotations sent, and record when a deal is closed,” explains Thinh Huynh, CEO at Gia Thinh Technology. “This information is then tied to the respective salesperson, allowing them to keep track of their sales progress every month or quarter.” 

Improved visibility and business continuity 

In addition to sales tracking, Smartsheet has also become the one-stop shop for storing client-related information. “It tracks not only the salespersons’ details but also all the documents related to each customer. This includes customer information, quotes generated within Smartsheet, contract details , and relevant documents like delivery information, manuals, customer approvals, and proof of delivery. They’re all stored in a consolidated workflow in Smartsheet, so we can easily locate all the information related to a sale,” adds Hai.

“Our projects can last for several months to a year. During that time, different engineers work on the project and they need to understand what their predecessors did,” clarifies Hai.

“This makes it even more important to have everything in one place and to enable our teammates to pick up where the others left off without affecting the clients. Smartsheet is perfect for us in that regard.”

A more efficient, data-driven team

Once all the information is stored, Bavitech creates dashboard views to track its processes, empowering the team to make data-informed decisions and make improvements to its workflows. “We summarise the data according to our requirements, tracking things like sales, the number of quotes sent, successful sales conversions, and sales performance quarterly and yearly,” notes Hai.  

With more automation and flexibility, the Bavitech team has seen increased efficiency, time savings, and agility. “Previously, it would take us approximately three months to prepare the manual reports. With Smartsheet, we can generate dashboards on the fly,” observes Hai. “Our team also has more control over how and where they work, with 70 percent of approvals being done on the phone. It's hard to calculate, but there are likely monetary savings from using Smartsheet.”

With streamlined processes and client relations all in one tidy place, Bavitech is ready to scale further. “We are all set with a clear, organised system, and I hope we can contribute more efficiently to the world of automation machinery manufacturing,” concludes Hai.