Motul Asia Pacific leaves no room for error or delays ahead of a complex project

Motul’s Singapore office was bracing for a complex migration to a new warehouse. With Smartsheet, the team turned into a finely-tuned engine, empowered to meet tight deadlines with efficient collaboration

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“Instead of guessing where things may go wrong, we can immediately spot delays or issues. It feels like the entire team is in control and on top of the game, measuring their progress every week.”

Sanjeev Wangoo

Chief Manufacturing and Supply Chain Officer at Motul Asia Pacific

In 1853, as the Industrial Revolution was flipping the world on its head, Motul started its first enterprise. Since then, it has been recognised as a world-class specialist in the production and distribution of high-tech engine lubricants and fluids. With headquarters just outside of Paris, Motul has outposts in all corners of the globe. 

Photo Courtesy of Motul

No margin for errors

One such outpost, Motul Asia Pacific, was gearing up for an ambitious project. It wanted to shift its warehouse service provider for the warehouse in Singapore—a consolidation centre where goods are imported from around the world and distributed to customers. “We felt like we weren’t getting what we needed from the previous service provider,” says Sanjeev Wangoo, Chief Manufacturing and Supply Chain Officer at Motul Asia Pacific. ”We were on a very tight deadline of three months to coordinate a complicated migration, which involved a lot of planning, activities, communication, and departments. For example, we had to announce a no-fly zone for a while and inform the customers that there would not be any outbound logistics happening for that period.” 

During the migration, Motul also needed to take a closer look at and refine standard operating procedures (SOPs) for different processes. “We wanted to pinpoint errors in our previous work and improve our workflows,” continues Wangoo. “I realized that we needed to be better equipped for such a major project.”

Setting the stage

This inspired Motul to search for a comprehensive project management solution. “At the time, we were using other third-party tools, and we were finding it hard to manage access rights,” says Wangoo. “I was looking for a platform where everybody could collaborate easily, even without licenses.”

Soon, Wangoo was invited to a user session on Smartsheet.

“I heard stories about how other people used the platform, and I found it impressive and timely,” shares Wangoo. “I asked Smartsheet to come over and share the solution with my team, and our staff found it very interesting.”

Photo Courtesy of Motul


Motul reached out to vSaaS Global, an IT consulting firm, for help with the implementation of Smartsheet Platform for Modern Project and Portfolio Management. “We set up different streams, each working on a different aspect of the project like customer service, finance, product, sales, logistics, and supply chain,” explains Wangoo. “Our streams track every task, timeline, risk, detail, and activity to reduce the risk that something will slip through the cracks. Our staff uses automations, reminders, and triggers to help with the execution,  while we use dashboards to monitor their progress.”

A synchronized powerhouse

With all the cards on the table, Motul has gained the much-needed visibility for a smooth migration to a new service provider. “Once we have identified what needs to be done and how these tasks depend on each other, everything will run like a well-oiled machine,” reveals Wangoo.

“Instead of guessing where things may go wrong, we can immediately spot delays or issues, which is crucial when we’re working with such a tight deadline. It feels like the entire team is in control and on top of the game, measuring their progress every week. We have now planned out every aspect of the project and we have already started our migration.”

By having a more efficient way of communicating information with Smartsheet, employees are able to save countless hours, freeing them up for core activities. “Our project managers can cut down time spent on manual work like compiling data and reports. Instead, they can just pull up a dashboard with real-time updates,” notes Wangoo. “They no longer need to send out emails or sheets to alert their teammates on looming deadlines. Instead, they can focus on business-related tasks like rewriting SOPs. Smartsheet has definitely helped our team coordinate and collaborate in a more efficient manner.”

Photo Courtesy of Motul

Fine-tuning other workflows

Seeing how using Smartsheet could help streamline a complex workflow, Motul decided to try the solution on its new product registration (NPR) process. “When we introduce a new product, it goes through various stages of validation, from sales to the leadership team,” explains Wangoo. “Previously, we would rely on countless emails and other third-party software, and it was a challenge to make all the necessary information available. I asked my team to work with vSaaS Global to develop a solution in Smartsheet.” Motul is now close to finalizing this tool, which will give it end-to-end visibility of every product, and has already started developing a Smartsheet-powered solution for inventory management. 

The key to a successful adoption

Today, Motul’s team in Singapore is fully immersed in these solutions. “The success of any tool depends on how effectively you communicate its benefits and functions to the employees,” shares Wangoo.

“Our team leaders held sessions for their team members, and so far, everybody has been using Smartsheet efficiently. It was easy for them to get the hang of it, as it was for our project manager, who didn’t have the luxury of time to get familiar with Smartsheet. Despite that, she found it very easy to kick off the project.”

Moreover, the IT team is considering using Smartsheet in its department, having seen its benefits.

With a successful adoption in the Singapore office, Motul is looking to pass on the knowledge to all corners of the world. “We plan to expand Smartsheet to teams based in other countries,” concludes Wangoo. “With such a successful use case, I believe others will be easily convinced to follow our lead.”