Populous Case Study

Customer Story

Coordinate the Major Sporting Events

Populous needed a way to coordinate hundreds of people and, thousands of details, to masterfully produce the world's largest sporting events.

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272 Vendors, 2,099 Tasks, 160 Deliveries Coordinated

The logistics involved in large scale events like the Final Four are ever changing. Completing over 2,000 tasks on game day and coordinating over 160 deliveries required the Populous team to find a tool to simplify their work and reduce the hours spent chasing critical details.

“We relied on over 200 vendors. Making sure others did their job was the only way we could succeed.”

Hailee DampEvent Coordinator

Business Goals

On-the-Go Access

Successful event coordination involves multiple touch points and dynamic workflows. Populous needed a collaborative solution for a team on the move and anytime anywhere access for phones and tablets.

Streamlined Operations

Logistics management was a combination of email, Excel worksheets, phone calls and Word documents. A single platform would simplify operations, save time, and reduce deadline risks.

Prioritize Maintenance Issues

With 272 vendors and contractors, it was necessary to find a tool that would be easy for all vendors to understand and to use without training.

Event Coordination on Mobile

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  • Vendor information in one location
  • Spreadsheet-like simplicity
  • Access and send documents on all devices

Organized Stadium Operations

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  • Receive automatic alerts
  • Report and share daily milestones
  • View details summarized in dashboard

Ease of Use

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  • Collaborate with spreadsheet-like simplicity
  • Connect attachments to details for added context
  • Store vendor information in one location

“Smartsheet has definitely improved our productivity, impressed our clients and vendors, and made project management for major sporting events much easier.”

Hailee Damp Event Coordinator

Smartsheet for Project Management

Whether orchestrating simple tasks or complex portfolio management, PMO leaders rely on Smartsheet to align the right people, resources, and schedules to get work done.

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