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Smartsheet Professional Services, Consulting. 



A rapidly changing business landscape demands a new approach to business and work. That new way of working, more collaboratively, and more responsive to change, helps everyone deliver more value. Let Smartsheet Professional Services, Consulting services get you started. 

Smartsheet Professional Services has over 15,000 successful engagements, and an industry-leading Customer Satisfaction Score. And Smartsheet consulting teams have delivered tailor-made solutions for the world's most recognized Fortune 500 companies with: 

Prescriptive guidance and expert advice developed from a proprietary methodology to analyze your processes, recommend scalable solutions, and holistically assess your collaborative work management challenges from intake, to execution, to reporting on work. 

Best practices and proven strategies for building modern work management solutions across industries. With expertise that include process design engineering, business case analysis, technical configuration. And insights on project portfolio management at scale, building intelligent workflows, secure request management, and enabling team and technology alignment.

Faster outcomes with end-to-end implementation and onboarding. All service engagements include end-to-end implementation guided by our delivery framework for expedited outcomes. All engagements include targeted training and enablement for customer self-reliance.

Find the right service for your business objectives

Discovery Workshops

Discovery Workshops are a two-day workshop in partnership with your team to develop insights about your business process and workflows. At the end of the workshop, you will be presented with key observations and recommendations for how to optimize the state of your business operations leveraging the Smartsheet platform.

Custom Development Services

For organizations seeking to modernize their existing work management environments, our custom development services deliver custom integrations to third party systems leveraging our API.  Our workflow automation capability will also reduce manual work, increasing your organization’s productivity.

Custom Solutions Services

Custom solution services include advisory and implementation services to help clients standardize and simplify project portfolio execution; harnessing on-demand data to improve decision making; implementing modern change management programs; modernizing supply chain management and operations with connected people, products, and platforms; and best practices on leveraging intelligent cross-platform workflows so that your organization can scale up quickly and maintain business continuity.

Resident Services

Guaranteed consulting hours post solution go-live to help you and your team focus on your business priorities - on your terms and at your direction. Services include ongoing advisory services, lightweight break/fix, identification of potential challenges before they arise, troubleshooting, and supplemental solution training sessions.

Smartsheet Consulting Services

Why work with Smartsheet Consultants? 

Smartsheet consultants provide a hybrid of management and IT consulting approach and cross-industry expertise to analyze processes, recommend scalable solutions, and implement effective change and adoption to drive strategic value - fast. Our experts have unrivaled Smartsheet expertise, best practice knowledge and collective experience with thousands of implementations.

Smartsheet consultants offer insights across specific enterprise functions, including finance and accounting, sourcing and procurement, supply chain, marketing and sales. In addition, offer industry-specific solutions for banking, insurance and health services.

Smartsheet consulting teams are a direct line to internal information such as the product roadmap, strategy, and vision. They work with the most up-to-date information to build solutions for future scalability and rapid time to value. Consultants are committed and accountable to the end-to-end success of our customers, partnering with them throughout their Smartsheet journey.

Smartsheet Consulting Services

Smartsheet Consulting Highlight Use Case

The Human Resources Department in one of America’s largest retailers lacked consistency in processes and project management leading to a decrease in productivity and countless hours wasted. The HR team needed a formal project portfolio management (PPM) solution to support their portfolio of growing projects. Additionally, the HR leadership team was seeking a better personnel management solution to effectively manage a global, distributed team creating deliverables that impacted over 450K people. 

Smartsheet consulting services worked with the team to advise on how to structure a modern PPM solution - from initial intake of project requests, to work execution management, to real-time project and portfolio reporting - that addressed the specific pain points experienced by the global HR organization.  

The consulting team built a custom PPM solution for the customer’s specific environment, optimized existing processes, and got buy-in across teams.  As a result, the HR department in this global retailer can now deliver projects and processes consistently, and at scale, by automating project creation, managing change, and aggregating portfolio analytics. For the customer’s identified staffing related challenges, Smartsheet consultants implemented a solution to manage finding and scheduling the right project team, at the right time. Now, staff members globally can support their colleagues without overextending their own teams. 

The consulting engagement concluded with onboarding and training of key stakeholders on their new, optimized solution. To empower rapid adoption, consulting offered advisory support on roll-out and enablement for the widespread deployment of the solution.

Meet our experts

Smartsheet engagement manager

Engagement Manager

A project manager that works with key stakeholders to deliver projects within a defined timeline and scope. Engagement managers enable seamless project execution by identifying inefficiencies and work to prevent issues from arising. 


An experienced collaborative work management advisor that works with you to identify your work management business challenges and implements a solution based on deployment best practices, aligned outcomes, and proven methodologies for accessing your work management challenges. 

Consulting Architects

Premier Smartsheet technical and solution experts responsible for enhancing and advising on technical quality and solution scalability. Consulting architects are platform architects responsible for developing complex, whole solutions for clients.  They are subject matter experts on planning, architecting, and deploying Smartsheet solutions at scale. 

Solution Architects  

An architect that creates the data architecture design and plan for third-party integrations and platform automations and then works with developers to create the finished solution. Solution architects are also responsible for any custom coding required to achieve a customer's desired outcome. Throughout the project lifecycle, the Solution architect provides technical leadership and insight to the project team. 


Subject matter experts and qualified instructors that deliver training, onboarding, and guided implementations. Instructors are committed to your learning goals, and your success with the Smartsheet platform.