Calendar App by Smartsheet


Collaboration and visibility are key to keeping every team member on the same page of what’s happening, when, and with the right amount of details. Of the many calendars tools available to everyday users, choosing the right one to manage your team’s many needs is hard to spot.

Beyond Smartsheet core calendar view, Calendar App is a flexible, configurable calendar add-on that allows you to connect your Smartsheet data and forms and visualize your events in multiple views or by color-coded categories.

Create, organize, update, share, and discuss events in one easy-to-use app. Data changes in the calendar are automatically reflected in the underlying sheet without having to share your underlying data with collaborators.

Key Capabilities and Common Use Cases

Use a sheet or report to create a central calendar

Sort and filter the events you care about

Color-code by category and subcategory

View by day, week, month, multi-month, quarterly, even a 4-5-4 view

Add and view attachments and comments

Real-time changes between Smartsheet data and Calendar App


Central Events Calendar

Combine events across departments into one consolidated calendar.

project management

PR/Communications Calendar

Track public relations activities, communications, and channels.

Acceptable, Compliance

Compliance Activity

Stay on top of your filing deadlines and any special events related to compliance activities.

Product Roadmap

Organize product features by priority, analyze by category, and track each release.


Team Schedule

Track team travel for visibility into when team members will be out of the office.

Demand Management

Marketing Content/Campaign Planning

Manage marketing activities across teams to give each department a high-level view of campaign schedules.