Smartsheet DataTable

DataTable enables you to visualize and collaborate on large data sets in Smartsheet by unlocking and combining siloed data from ERPs, CRMs, and databases

With your data in Smartsheet, you can trigger automated actions, display metrics and summaries in dashboards, and make data-driven decisions that improve the way you work一 all without specialized technical skills. 

DataTable is adaptable enough to meet just about any need, spanning a variety of teams and functions, and works with the systems you already have in place.

How does DataTable help my organization? 

Create large data sets.

Automate the creation of large data sets by combining information from multiple sources


Analyze and act on your data.

Provide actionable insights on the health of your business by automating workflows and creating visual dashboards


Manage access to siloed data.

Manage access to your data to ensure the security of your information

Millions of rows

Store millions of rows of data in your DataTable and sync subsets into a sheet.

Combine data from multiple sources.

Unite your information from disparate systems to get holistic insights of your data.

Data Shuttle

Schedule and automate your data uploads from external platforms into DataTable.


Accelerate team execution and save valuable time when you replace manual, repetitive tasks with flexible, automated workflows.


Provide real-time visibility into critical data and centralize all the information that your team needs in a single place.

Single sign-on

Login to Smartsheet and DataTable with Single Sign-On (SSO), which increases data security and helps enforce your security policies.


Manage access that collaborators have with your data — whether they have a Smartsheet account or not.