Smartsheet Email Customization Controls

Control the email details from Smartsheet. 


Custom email domains

Available for: Enterprise plans

To realize the full value of the Smartsheet platform, it’s important to implement automation that improves visibility and encourages action on key tasks, due dates and comments. But, if users aren’t seeing or responding to those notifications, you won’t achieve the intended results. 

To ensure Smartsheet reminders, requests and notifications are not routed to your email’s spam folder or flagged as external communications, use a custom email domain to specify the email address for any automated emails you receive from Smartsheet.

For instance, a common scenario is admin teams setting automated emails to originate from domains like “” instead of “


custom email domain before screenshot

 All emails sent from Smartsheet originate from “” domain by default. 


customer email domain feature screenshot

Follow the prompts in Admin Center to enable a custom email domain for your organization.


custom email domain after screenshot

 Now, all Smartsheet emails from your account come from the email domain you specified.

Custom sender From Name

Available for: All plan types

Beyond the email address itself, users often pay more attention to the sender name specified in the email. Previously, the From Name for all automated alerts and requests could either be the sheet owner or the person who triggered the automation, which sometimes caused confusion. To improve response rates and boost clarity, we are giving Smartsheet workflow builders the flexibility to customize the sender name associated with automated workflows to one of the following:

  1. Smartsheet Automation
  2. Your organization name*
  3. The triggering user (for alerts)
  4. The sheet owner (for update and approval requests)


Custom from sender email screenshot

The From Name for Smartsheet notification emails would either be the triggering user or the sheet owner.


custom from name workflow builder

Soon, you’ll be able to further customize the From Name to read as “Smartsheet Automation” or your organization name. 


custom from name after screenshot

Future notification emails will come from the chosen From Name option, listed above.

*Note: The “Send from my organization” option will only be available for customers on Enterprise plans. In a future release, we will also add the option to set the From Name as a specific licensed individual associated with your account (e.g., “John Smith”).