Smartsheet Data Governance Capabilities

Smartsheet offers extensive governance and administrative capabilities for all clients. For customers with particularly stringent data governance requirements, Smartsheet Advance Platinum and Smartsheet Safeguard contain a few core capabilities that provide additional, enhanced visibility and control over your data.

SMAR data egress policy

Data Egress Policies

Restrict actions that allow data to leave your Smartsheet Account

Secure Confidential Data With an Additional Set of Controls

Data Egress Policies support customers that would like to store sensitive content in Smartsheet - whether for compliance with regulations or just to support company data security  and privacy 

Restrict Egress Actions on Sheets, Reports, and Dashboards

Control collaborator’s access to multiple export options including export, print, publish, save as template, save as new, and send as attachment

Set Individual and Group Exemptions

Manage egress restrictions by group to enable internal and external egress actions and collaboration where appropriate

End user Notification

When an end user attempts a restricted action, clear guidance is provided that explains admins have prohibited that action within company egress policies

Governance Controls - Data Retention Admin Panel

Data Retention Controls

Automatically delete assets to ensure only current, relevant data is stored in your Smartsheet Account

Automatically Flag and Delete Aging and Unused Assets

Set an org-wide data retention policy to apply across your Smartsheet Account and assets

Customize Your Policy to Reflect Internal Norms & Best Practices

Define policy conditions based on “created” and “modified” dates, with control over how frequently the policy runs

Built-in Visibility into Items That Will be Removed

Running list provided for admins, reflecting content that has been deleted due to the retention policy in place

Email Notification to Content Owners

Automated notification emails are sent to content owners before assets are removed, giving them the ability to edit the sheet, preempting deletion of anything that should be retained