Resource Management by Smartsheet

Resource Management by Smartsheet’s simple user experience makes it easy to build the best team for the job, keep project schedules and budgets on track, and confidently forecast business needs with real-time reporting. With Smartsheet and Resource Management by Smartsheet organizations can stay focused on the big picture while also executing all the moving parts of every project to stay on track and achieve more.


Access your team's availability and resourcing plan, directly from your Smartsheet project sheet. See who's been assigned, request the right people for the job, and get a real-time preview of the impact of changes as you move through the project lifecycle.


Resource Management Capabilities

resource management

Simple resource management

Schedule and manage your team, resolve conflicts, and forecast staffing needs

Accurate project budgeting

View project dashboards to see track progress and keep everyone aligned

Flexible portfolio management

Confidently schedule projects based on capacity and forecast the project pipeline


Effortless time tracking

Pre-filled timesheets make it easy for your team to submit and edit hours so they can focus on the work that matters most

event reporting

Dynamic Reporting

View complex data to spot project trends, understand performance across the business, and plan for growth

Smartsheet & Resource Management in Action

project management


Execute end-to-end project details and keep campaign assets organized in Smartsheet. In Resource Management, assign work to team members based on project needs like discipline, skills, or availability.

Construction / Engineering Industry


Manage the full lifecycle of your projects in Smartsheet, including contracts and change orders. Allocate people across projects and forecast staffing and hiring needs in Resource Management.

Technology icon


Create project request workflows and outline scope requirements in Smartsheet. Advocate for your team’s capacity and keep utilization rates healthy in Resource Management.


Management Consulting

Automate engagement workflows and share progress with clients in Smartsheet. Keep your team’s workload balanced and communicate assignment changes in Resource Management.

I have 23 active projects right now. With Smartsheet and Resource Management, I don’t have to keep all the information in my head. These platforms help me track progress and answer questions on the fly. They help me be smarter in meetings for people who need answers. They support how I show up for my team and with leadership.

Corrina Wertzberger, Associate Project Management Director, Haberman