Smartsheet Technical Account Manager Enhanced

TAM Enhanced

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Your business runs on Smartsheet, and your Technical Account Manager (TAM) is your single point of contact for support incident management of your Smartsheet business solutions. Your Smartsheet TAM has first-hand knowledge and documentation of your unique implementation and has established lines of communication into Smartsheet development and operations teams. 

TAM Enhanced encompasses all of the TAM offering with an additional level of process optimization, solution building, solution enhancements, and proactive solution monitoring. Let our TAM Enhanced experts manage and optimize your mission critical solution and enable innovation so that your organization can focus on driving business outcomes.

With this service offering, you get all of TAM:

  • A single point of contact for support incident management, including appropriate escalation.
  • Established channels of communication with Smartsheet development and operations teams during service impacting events. 
  • Quarterly support business review. 
  • Five designated users who can serve as key contacts to TAM. 
  • Guidance in using Smartsheet Solutions (Dynamic View, ProDesk, Center of Excellence, etc.).
  • Best effort response time during business hours 8:00AM to 5:00PM. 
  • 24x7 critical situation paging.
  • Up to two hours of scheduled meetings per week for consistent, open communication. 
  • Early access to new features and product roadmap updates.
  • Proactive outreach for service impacting events. 
  • Solution and platform expertise. 
  • A co-branded dashboard for your organization with support case tracking.
  • Bulk Domain Validation: TAMs validates and activates customer domains. 

PLUS additional TAM Enhanced Support:

  • Enhance solutions based on common business challenges: We build, test and  deploy enhancements to an existing solution so that you don’t have to. 
  • Control Center Sandbox Testing Environment: We use a protected environment to modify and test existing Control Center programs before we work with customers to push them out to production. 
  • Advanced Control Center Solution Monitoring: We monitor your mission critical sheets, suggest and implement updates as new capabilities are released in your Advance tier.
  • Proactive planning, solution monitoring, and advisory services: Our team of experts proactively manage and monitor up to 10 critical spreadsheets, ensuring optimal performance and providing timely support for solution optimization and upgrades. 
  • IT Business partnership: We work directly with your IT team to implement a solution to ensure end user solution ideas align with IT best practices and standards. 
  • Business Process Optimization: We help you identify Collaborative Work Management Challenges and suggest solutions to address them. 
  • Solution enhancement documentation and training: We document and train new or existing team members and stakeholders on any modifications that we make on your solutions. 
  • Unlock continuous innovation with our guidance along the way: We know your IT standards and best practices so IT can have peace of mind, while you focus on innovation.

Key activities of TAM Enhanced in detail:

Case Management:

  • Concierge level support and ownership on incidents and escalations with direct access to the Engineering team.
  • Best effort first response time within one hour.
  • Guided solution maintenance.
  • Core application, API, Advance capabilities for scale.

Smartsheet account review, solution build, and platform optimization:

  • Guidance on account administration, including review of personal settings, licensing, merging accounts, and SAML/SSO. 
  • Backup configuration for your Smartsheet sheet and dashboard data. 
  • Guidance on the security administration of your account: A review of domain validation, approved domain sharing, Customer Managed Encryption Keys (CMEK), user auto provisioning, and Directory Integration. 
  • Guidance on cross-platform integration best practices and an audit of your existing connections.
  • Guidance on how to leverage Smartsheet Advance Capabilities and Resource Management by Smartsheet to scale your Smartsheet solutions and workflows.
  • Control Center support and optimization, including guidance on how to use features such as Global Updates, archiving, and automation.
  • Build lightweight solutions: 
    • Sheets, reports, dashboards 
    • Smartsheet Advance Capabilities 
      Please see section on Limitations for additional information on solution building. 
  • Control Center Sandbox Testing Environment: 
    • Modify and test Control Center programs  in a protected environment 
    • Move configured solution assets from the sandbox to production environment - moves are performed by the customer. 
  • Advanced Control Center Solution Monitoring 
    • System log monitoring on mission critical sheets
    • Assistance with solution enhancements as needed
    • Solution documentation and change control process.
  • Solution Management 
    • Evaluation and implementation of new Advance capabilities.
    • Business stakeholder partner for solution optimization, modification and enablement. 
    • Develop technical solution documentation for any solutions created or enhanced by the TAM.

Limitations of Service

*TAM Enhanced does not replace the need to hire professional services in certain scenarios. 

**The actual number of hours of service performed per week for Customer by Customer’s name TAM Enhanced resource will be driven by the volume of support tickets or requests for service in a given weekly period. Customer’s named TAM Enhanced resource may delegate the resolution of support tickets to other Support team members employed by Smartsheet in an effort to remain available to Customer or during out of office days. Smartsheet reserves the right to allocate Customer’s Named TAM Enhanced resource to additional customers.

Limitations of Service:

  • TAM Enhanced requires an annual contract.
  • The TAM Enhanced, Smartsheet individual, will be assigned to an account for the period of the contract. 
  • Up to 5 designated contacts are assigned to the TAM. 
  • Customer named TAM Enhanced resource is available between normal business hours of 8am to 5pm (based on customer location) Monday - Friday with response times of within **one hour (1hour) of reporting the incident, or accessible by pager outside of normal business hours for critical situation support related to disruption of running business. 
  • In addition to ongoing TAM technical support & advisory services a level of effort no more than 8 hours per week, per SKU, may be dedicated to the following activities as requested by any of the 5 designed contacts: 
    • Configuration Smartsheet sandbox environment for new or existing solution improvements. 
    • Enhancement of existing solutions. 
    • Building of lightweight solutions: sheets, reports, dashboards. 
    • Develop technical solution documentation for any solutions created or enhanced by the TAM .
    • Solution global update configuration and testing 
    • Complex formula creation and modification. 
    • Assist Customer with move of configured solution assets from the sandbox to production environment - this move must be performed by Customer.