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Resource Management by Smartsheet Configuration Service 

Combine the power of Smartsheet with unparalleled expertise from thousands of successful engagements. Let Smartsheet Professional Services get you started fast with a tailored solution built on our leading best-practices.


Resource Management by Smartsheet is an award winning portfolio-level planning and resource management capability that makes it easy to build the best team for the job, keep project schedules and budgets on track, and confidently forecast business needs. This Resource Management by Smartsheet configuration service offers hands-on guidance on how to manage your Resource Management by Smartsheet account, and direct assistance with your account configuration, account admin and account set up needs. In addition, this service offers support to build a Resource Management by Smartsheet solution that includes connecting your sheets, and Smartsheet Control Center Blueprints to your Resource Management by Smartsheet. At the end of this engagement, you will gain the skills and training needed to manage your Resource Management by Smartsheet solution. This package can be a great add-on service to other Smartsheet Professional Service offerings. 

The expected timeline to complete this package is within 15-20 business days.

This package includes:

Activity Log

Solution Enablement


  • Hands-on guidance on how to manage your Resource Management by Smartsheet account. 
  • Assistance with the Account Settings configuration of your Resource Management. 
  • Review of Resource Management by Smartsheet panel/integration.
  • Hands-on guidance around project structure and implementation best practices. 



Execution Activities

  • Connecting up to 5 existing sheets or 1 existing SCC Blueprint project template to Resource Management by Smartsheet. 
  • Manage and update admin settings in the customer's RM instance based on their goals and use case. 
  • Assist in the set up of Roles, Disciplines, Placeholders, Bill Rates & Custom Fields at the customer's direction. 
  • Assist in the set up of Holiday's, Locations, Leave Types, Expense, and Time & Fee Categories. NOTE: Customer must be able to issue a Paid Resource Management (RM) by Smartsheet license, with Resourcing Administrator permissions  to the Smartsheet Professional Services team in order for services teams to work in the customer’s RM instance. 

Engagement Activities and Timeline  

Typical Duration (15-20 business days)

Preparing for the Engagement: 

Prior to Kick off: 

  • Identify your Key Decision Maker and Solution Admin
    • Your Key Decision Maker is the individual who ultimately approves the solution design process and functionality. The Solution Admin is the person who will own the maintenance and make updates post-release. 
  • Internally align on your business goals and the objective of this engagement.
  • Gather relevant materials that outline your current process; examples could include process or requirements documents and/or templates.
  • Come prepared to discuss your timeline.  Understanding your dependencies, constraints, and preferred go-live dates will allow us to work together to formulate a plan.
  • Explore Smartsheet University, Onboarding Videos, and Smartsheet Help to strengthen your knowledge of the platform. Reach out to your Account Team for more information and access.

This datasheet was last updated on August 23, 2023.