Free Lease Agreement Templates

A lease agreement is a legal document that governs landlord-tenant relationships. It identifies the landlord (the owner, or “lessor” of the property) and the tenant (the renter, or “lessee”). It also includes information on the property being rented, the amount of rent the tenant will pay and when; and the duration of the lease. 

Lease agreements outline the rights and responsibilities of both parties, and are enforceable in court. In order to protect both landlords and tenants, these agreements describe potential problems that might arise, as well as their solutions. For example, tenant protections might include detailing repairs the landlord is obligated to make or preventing the landlord from entering the property unannounced. Landlord protections may outline rent and utility terms, payments, and pet policies. 

It’s important to use lease agreement templates when any type of property is rented. Without a formal lease agreement, landlords could lose revenue, or find themselves with damaged property or legal issues on their hands. Tenants, on the other hand, could find themselves without a home, with bad credit marks, or living in an unsafe environment. 

Lease agreements templates can cover a wide variety of property types, including residential properties (for example, a house, apartment, condominium, room, duplex, or townhouse) and commercial properties (such as an office or retail space). However, lease agreements can also cover just about anything that can be rented, including land, equipment, or a vehicle. We’ve provided free lease agreement templates covering a variety of property types and scenarios, as well as templates for common supplemental forms. Find the agreement template that meets your needs and protect yourself when renting or managing property.

Residential Lease Agreement Template

Residential lease agreement templates are used in any scenario where a tenant is renting a property they will inhabit. Property types may include:


  • House

  • Apartment

  • Condominium

  • Townhouse

  • Room

  • Mobile home



This residential lease agreement template specifies how much rent the tenant will pay (typically on a certain day each month). It also details whether the tenant is responsible for paying utilities, and if so, how much to pay on which date, as well as whether they should pay the landlord or the utility company directly. The agreement also discusses any required security deposit and upfront rent payments, pet policies (including potential “pet rent”), other occupants of the property, move-in and move-out dates, maintenance and repair policies, parking terms, renter’s insurance requirements, and any other details about the property or living situation.