Accelerator for Sales Forecasting

By Smartsheet

The Smartsheet Accelerator for Sales Forecasting provides sales organizations a top-to-bottom operational process for a unified and accurate approach to sales forecasts.

Effectively unify and operationalize sales forecasting process

Bring structure and visibility to the forecasting efforts that your sales teams are already undertaking today on paper, whiteboards, loose spreadsheets, and email.

    A unified and accurate approach to sales forecasting

  • Methodically organize calculated forecasts

    Sales organizations are able to unify their sales process to build accurate, calculated forecasts based on opportunities and historical data from their system of record.

  • Utilize a scratch pad for interpretations

    Sales reps use a consistent single source of truth for next steps, comments, and notes that could affect their calls.

  • Confidently make calls

    Sales reps are easily able to make accurate forecasting calls based on insight into their pipeline, historical calls, and customers.

  • Enable account teams to align

    Teams can easily work together to understand the steps needed to effectively close deals.

  • Forecasts and calls easily roll up through the organization

    Every level of leadership can apply their own calls and interpretations to the data.

  • Maximize ROI with platform integrations

    Our CRM Connections, Data Uploader, and flexible API ensure that the Smartsheet platform works for you and drives value.