New Product Development Delivery

Deliver new product development on time and with a clear sales forecast. Weed out weak products with Stage Gated Plans. Keep progress & metrics visible on Project Dashboard with rollup to Portfolio dashboard. Available for Smartsheet Core or Control Center.

Easy and clear management of new product development at a product and portfolio level

Make new product development easier with a purpose-built solution. Stage gated Project Plans highlight launch readiness. Confidently track Sales Forecast to ensure launch of winning products. Automated reporting gives visibility across the Portfolio.

Deliver new products on time, with a clear sales forecast in a purpose-built solution. Track product readiness to launch, sale forecast and customer commitment across products. Portfolio reporting provides visibility of key decision-making information.

Key Features


How to get it:

Contact Cheetah Transformation for the New Product Development Delivery solution. This solution is available to purchase as seen or customised to your organisation’s specific requirements. It can be used as the basis of Smartsheet Control Center configuration, but you will need to have/purchase Smartsheet Control Center, with which we can assist. Cheetah Transformation is available for consulting on New Product Development processes and ways of working.