Acumatica ERP

Visual resource scheduling with Acumatica Project Accounting and Smartsheet

A project template and project specific data created in Acumatica Cloud ERP is automatically passed to Smartsheet for managers and supervisors to visually schedule resources and modify tasks.

Contractors and employees added into Acumatica Cloud ERP are passed to Smartsheet as a potential resource for the project. Entering contractor names in Acumatica allowing them to use the free mobile app to enter their time and expenses.

Change schedules in Smartsheet and the updated information can be displayed as a widget on the Acumatica Dashboard for overall project management visibility.

Projects created in Acumatica are passed to Smartsheet for scheduling of resources including adding subtasks, creating dependencies and changing start/end dates. Any change to dates are passed back to Acumatica. T&E reporting and PO requisitions are done through the Acumatica mobile app. Project Costing and reporting is done in Acumatica.


Key Features

  • Pass project templates automatically
  • Quickly capture project information
  • Real-time dashboard updates

How to get it:

After Acumatica Project Accounting is installed from the Acumatica Partner Portal, the integration app can be downloaded at no charge from or from the Acumatica Cloud ERP website.