Construction Safety by Achievan

By Achievan (Previously Execute Strategy)

Monitor safety opportunities and incidents on-site, review safety training requirements and training plans, and keep track of resources working on various construction sites

A streamlined safety solution management system to improve constructions site safety and security.

An intuitive solution that will allow you to manage your safety opportunities, review safety requirements and training plans as well as keep track of resources used at work.
The solution incorporates a safety opportunity tracking sheet, dashboards for every construction section sliced and diced by severity, cause and timing of incident or daily and current month dashboards that will allow you to keep track on real-time data as incidents occur.

Once implemented, you will have the ability to track and manage your safety opportunities a lot more quickly and deliver methods to enhance the safety operations at your construction site more efficiently.

Daily and Monthly Updates for Crew members

Daily and Monthly Updates for Crew members

Get daily and monthly updates in real time that breaks down:

  • The number of crews going to work in the field and the type of work they will be doing.
  • Total number of work orders
  • Average crew size

Our solution will allow you to keep track and better manage your crew sizes with regards to their type to work on a daily and monthly basis, saving you time and improving efficiency.

Daily Update on Crew Members

Daily Update on Crew Members

Get daily updates on how many crew members have logged in on site with the amount of safety opportunities recorded by each construction section.

Safety opportunities based on sections

One safety dashboard for each construction section, which includes data split by severity, timing, and cause of incident. This will allow you to monitor and pick up on important trends against other construction sections and implement important safety measures based on this data.

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