Document Text Converter

This Intelligent Document Processing module is a File-to-Text extractor which enables the fully automated extraction of relevant data from documents (e.g. pdf/ word/ images) and makes it available in usable information in Smartsheet.

Intelligent Document Processing with OCR technology

With the IDP add-on (Intelligent Document Processing) for Smartsheet, you can convert and process your documents in context using OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition). We enable you to utilise unstructured information from PDFs, images, scans, emails or similar sources, extracting the data that is relevant to you and making it available in Smartsheet in a structured format.

upload file

Upload the file

Upload your file via forms or directly within a sheet as attachment. The IDP add-on picks up the documents automatically and starts the extraction process.


Extract the data

Your Files will be extracted and processed within seconds from our add-on. The extraction status will be in Smartsheet updated in real-time.

text extracted

Provide the data

The document type is classified and its content converted based on previously defined templates.


View converted data in Smartsheet

The add-on fills columns of a sheet with the scanned data. The data are now ready for editing and can be processed with standard capabilities (e.g. workflows/formulas) of Smartsheet.

Turn your file content into usable information. 

How to get it:

Contact ON MC to learn  how to integrate Document Text Inverter to your Smartsheet environment.