Dynamic Dropdowns in Sheets and Forms

Update the dropdown options of your fields automatically and in real-time based on lists, formulas or inputs from other data sources. Remove manual work to save time and effort.

Automatically update your dropdowns without the manual work

Utilizing the great automation capabilites of Smartsheet Bridge we can update the dropdown options in Smartsheet columns seemlessly based on inputs from other sheets or even other datasources. See an example here.

Event registration with automatically adjusting availabilities

Automatically change the available options in registration forms - based on registrations of other users. Great example use case: Organization ot Covid vaccinations via Smartsheet: Users can book their time slot for vaccinations. Whenever a slot is fully booked, it automatically disappears from the list of available time slots and you automatically avoid double-bookings.

Bulk update of available values across multiple sheets 

Your list of employees / departments / offered goods or services changes? Let the automation adjust the available dropdowns in multiple sheets across your entire organization without any manual effort. If desired, you can also overwrite existing old values.

Automation across Smartsheet and to other tools 

We believe that manual, repetitive work should be replaced by smart processes and automation wherever possible. Talk to us about your potential use cases and time savings and also about exchanging data between Smartsheet and other tools you are using.


Key Features


How to get it:

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