Legal Service Request Manager

By Jalubro Consulting Limited

Save time, improve efficiency and response times by eliminating the manual effort involved with handling the legal service requests you receive. Enable self-service across the wider business and easily tailor workflows to suit your legal department

Streamline legal service requests to better serve your business

Serve your wider organisation in the most effective way whilst enabling your legal team to gain greater visibility and ability to quickly respond to requests. Full integrations with third party systems can be provided.

User Friendly Interface

Our software is easy to use, intuitive and requires no training.

Automated Notifications and workflow

Lets the software automatically update stakeholders with status updates and add approvers to workflows in a couple of clicks.

Dashboards & Reporting

Create custom dashboard views in seconds to track requests by your chosen criteria

How to get it:

To learn more about this solution or the services we provide to the legal industry please get in touch