Mapsly: Interactive Map for Smartsheet

By Mapsly

A powerful map for geo-location analysis, viewing and editing data rows on the map, territory management, calculation of traveling distance/time, and best-matching rows by complex geo-criteria. Maps can be embedded into Smartsheet dashboards.

Interactive map for geo-analysis, routing, territory management, and no-code automation

Empower your team to apply location intelligence to business processes and provide geographic insights for sales, ops, execs, and marketing. Mapsly gives you analytical insights and no-code automation tools that make your team more productive.

View/edit your Smartsheet rows on the map


Rows from any sheet are shown on the map based on their location (address or coordinates). Assign custom markers to sheets, slice rows into layers based on their column values.

Create territories and auto-assign rows to them


Draw territories by hand or build from a library of boundaries like counties or postal codes, and Mapsly will auto-assign rows to them in Smartsheet based on their location.

Add live maps to dashboards

Add live maps to dashboards

Add live maps to dashboards


Add interactive maps to your Smartsheet dashboard with live data from your Smartsheet, CRM and other data sources, or territories. Add buttons, forms and actions to let users interact with the map, file requests, create or update data and execute other custom processes.

Filter records by distance from a base location


Set the base location, and filter rows from any sheets by the "Distance" column. Or calculate driving distance/time entirely automatically when a row is added or updated.

How to get it:


Follow the Mapsly setup guide for Smartsheet to sign up for a Mapsly account and connect it to Smartsheet. All Mapsly features are free for a 14-day trial, no credit card required at sign-up.