Skyhigh Security CASB for Smartsheet

Integrate your Smartsheet event feed with the Skyhigh CASB to gain visibility and awareness of over 100 different Smartsheet event types.  

Identify potential threats or malicious behavior within your Smartsheet environment

With the Skyhigh CASB integration in place, IT and security teams can rest assured that they have complete visibility into actions taken within Smartsheet, helping protect your mission-critical work by identifying potential threats to your data. Bolster security within your enterprise platforms to reduce overall risk so your business can operate with confidence. 

  • Gain additional insight into critical Smartsheet events. 

  • Identify threats such as malicious actors, compromised accounts, and anomalous behavior before they become larger issues.

  • Improve organizational awareness of events, like sharing and publishing, to better understand organizational collaboration 

How to get it:

Please follow the configuration instructions by Skyhigh for this integration.