SmartBackup for Smartsheet

By AcuWorkflow

SmartBackup addresses the backup and restore needs of all Smartsheet licensed users. It includes a backup, archive, and export function, and provides full-fidelity backups of your Smartsheet sheets.

SmartBackup is a next generation cloud-enabled backup platform for Smartsheet

Automatically create full-featured backup copies of your sheets, meaning if you encounter data loss or corruption, you can easily restore any or all the data, cell formatting, formulas, forms, attachments, and functionality of the original sheet.

How to get it:

SmartBackup is available in three editions:

  • The Starter Edition is a free version that can be used for testing and evaluation.
  • The Business Edition is best suited for individual users and has all of the capabilities of the core solution. It can be used to backup a maximum of 2,500 sheets when used in a small workgroup. The Business Edition requires an annual subscription.
  • The Enterprise Edition is designed for large company deployments, and is generally installed, configured, and managed by a central Admin or IT team. The Enterprise Edition can be used to backup an unlimited number of sheets.

To download the Free Starter Edition, or to purchase the Business Edition, please visit the AcuWorkflow website.

Visit the SmartBackup Documentation portal for complete, detailed documentation on the solution.