SmartDropdown for Smartsheet

SmartDropdown helps automatically update in real-time the Dropdown list and Contact list from a source sheet/report column to the destination sheet columns.

Keep dropdown lists updated in real-time when changes occur

Your frequently changing customer list or email list will be instantly updated in the dropdown lists of Sheets and Forms.

Source sheet column

Source sheet column

You can specify a column from a sheet or report to be the source list for dropdowns in other destination sheet columns

Destination sheet columns

Destination sheet columns

You can specify destination columns in one or more sheets to have the dropdown lists updated

Dropdown list in form

Dropdown list in Form

Once your destination sheet columns updated, dropdown lists in your Form are updated also

SmartDropdown helps automatically update the Dropdown list or Contact list in real-time from a source sheet or report column to the destination sheet columns.

Key Features

  • Utilize either a Sheet column or a Report column as the source list
  • Applicable for both Dropdown and Contact lists.
  • Automatically update Dropdown and Contact lists in real-time to reflect changes made in the source list.

How to get it:

Contact Gia Thinh to request a trial of SmartDropdown tailored to your specific needs.

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