Smartsheet with APDocs for Construction Handover

Achieve a smoother handover of your construction projects by automating the collection of Health & Safety and Operation & Maintenance documentation. Provide your clients with a project soft landing with early sign-off.

Achieve a Better Construction Handover

Gain consistency and efficiency by adopting a standard delivery template on every new project.  Build a fully indexed document repository of operating procedures, test certification, drawings and 3D models.  Protect yourself from spurious claims.

Dashboard APDocs

Delivery Schedule Overview

Our solution provides a simple progress dashboard allowing us to easily see documents by stage or document delivery and throughput by time.
We achieve this by encouraging the main contractor and the owner/occupier to define the final handover requirements. 
We can track that documentation for elements such as mechanical, electrical or groundworks are on schedule for completion while those delivery teams are still on site.

To Do Tracker APDocs

The Power of Smartsheet Work Management

Our solution encourages you to get the best from Smartsheet.  In this example we are using a sheet to manage to do items.  Here we manage a link to each document for easy view, allowing commenters to see everything that has previously happened, or been said, about the document. All from an immutable blockchain history ledger.

Example APDocs

Handle Complex Engineering Documents

Our solution can index files such as 3D ifc models.  They can be easily navigated,  views can be manipulated and with powerful indexing it allows in-model integration and search.  
In this example we have switched off the display of internal walls and identified the make of the hand dryers in the toilet.

Search APDocs

A Fully Searchable Handover

We automate the indexing of every published document.  Our solution performs a full word extract allowing powerful queries whilst significantly reducing your, and your client’s, manual tagging effort.

Achieve smoother and more consistent Construction Handovers with Smartsheet combined with APDocs

How to get it:

Contact After Premise for smoother and more consistent Construction Handovers with APDocs.