World-Class Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Solution

By Prodactive Project Solutions

A class-leading PPM solution used by our clients around the world to meet their PMO needs. Developed through years of PMO experience and an understanding of what really works, it provides all the key features expected of an effective PPM solution, with the flexibility to customise easily to your specific business needs

Visualise your portfolio and focus your efforts.

Use powerful portfolio and project-level visualisations to know which tasks need your attention. Get back to meaningful work with simplified reporting that still gives powerful insights to how your projects are performing.

Full visibility of your portfolio

Have all your key project metrics at your fingertips with a comprehensive portfolio dashboard, which allows you to drill down to the level of detail you need.

Departmental-level overviews

Simultaneously provide insights across departments, allowing managers and teams to understand how they are performing.

Portfolio health over time
Monitor the health of your portfolio over time to understand which projects have recurring challenges, and whether you need to recruit or redeploy resources.

Snapshots of your plan, risks and issues

Get deeper project-level insights, at-a-glance, with our plan-on-a-page and RAID log insights.


Key Features


How to get it:

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