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Free Order Form Templates

Whether you’re operating a small retail business or need an order form for nonprofit fundraising, order forms can serve a variety of business needs, including fulfilling online sales, creating construction and maintenance work orders, and ordering services such as catering or photography. Below, you’ll find a variety of work order templates, all of which are free to download, easy to use and customize, and printable.

Generic Product Order Forms

Purchase Order Template

Purchase Order Template

Purchase orders are often used between businesses when a buyer is requesting goods from a supplier. Customers can use this purchase order template to let a seller know which items they want shipped. Once the order has been fulfilled, the seller can complete the sales process with an invoice and payment receipt. This is a Google Sheets template that you can easily save to a Google Drive account and view on a mobile device.

Download Purchase Order Template

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Sales Order Form Template

Sales Order Form Template

Use this template for either a sales invoice or order form. The Microsoft Excel template includes all the details of an order, such as an itemized list of products, quantities ordered, unit prices, and total cost. There is also room to add payment terms and conditions or other information that customers require. The template automatically calculates costs, including taxes and shipping charges.

‌ Download Sales Order Form Template — Excel

Wholesale Order Form

Wholesale Order Form Template

This basic, printable order form makes it easy to list an entire catalog of items for sale along with wholesale prices. Customers can list quantities of items they wish to order and provide shipping and billing information. Customize the template by adding a company logo and terms and conditions for wholesale orders, product returns, or payment policies.

Download Wholesale Order Form

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Inventory Order Form

Inventory Order Form Template

If you’re managing inventory for a retail or wholesale business, this template is designed to keep track of when items need to be ordered. In order to facilitate your inventory planning and ordering process, the spreadsheet includes columns for tracking stock quantities, how many items need to be reordered, and days per reorder. The template also has drop-down menus on each column for easy sorting and filtering.

‌ Download Inventory Order Form — Excel

Supply Order Form Template

Supply Order Form Template

Use this template to submit a request for office supplies. The form can be used in any setting that requires approval before purchasing supplies, such as a business, school, or research lab. List the number and type of supplies needed, a date for the order request, and contact info. The template also includes signature lines for documenting approval. Save the template to your Google Drive for easy sharing with a manager or purchasing department.

Download Supply Order Form Template

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Return Order Form

Return Oder Form Template

Create a return order form that you can send to customers or allow them to download from your website. Adjust the template to suit your business needs and products, and add your refund and exchange policies to create a comprehensive form. Customers can list the items being returned along with the reason and other pertinent details. Making returns and exchanges simple is one way to support and foster customer relationships.

Download Return Order Form

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Order Form Templates by Product or Service Type

Food Order Form

Food Order Form Template

Restaurants, caterers, bakeries, and other businesses that provide food products or services can provide customers with this order form. Use it for special orders, events, or everyday purchases. The format of the template makes it simple to modify for use as an invoice or packing slip.

Download Food Order Form

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T-Shirt Order Form

T-Shirt Order Form Template

This template is appropriate for a small business selling custom t-shirts, or for a group to use when collecting orders from team members, such as for a sports team, company event, or fundraiser. Users can enter the size, color, and number of shirts ordered. The template includes an order number for record keeping and space for adding instructions or policies.

Download T-Shirt Order Form

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Cake Order Form Template

Cake Order Form Template

Cake decorators, bakers, and wedding planners may all find this template useful. Customers can use the form to place orders for specialty cakes, listing details such as flavor and design. Update the order form to reflect the type of cakes or services you offer. You can also include a delivery date, customer address, and notes about the order.

Download Cake Order Form Template

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Photography Order Form

Photography Order Form Template

This photography order form includes a price list to assist customers in choosing products or services to purchase. The template can be used after a photo shoot when clients need to order prints. Alternatively, photographers can list all potential services and use the order form to communicate with customers and tracking upcoming photo sessions. Add your own details about payment policies, discounts, or shipping.

Download Photography Order Form

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Fundraising Order Forms

Fundraising Order Form

Fundraiser Order Form Template

Add whatever items you are selling to this fundraiser template to create a simple order form. Buyer names and contact information are listed on the left, and quantities and costs are listed on the right. This is an easy way to collect and keep track of orders when raising funds for a school, club, community project, or other charitable endeavor.

Download Fundraiser Order Form

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Donation Form Template

Donation Form Template

Print and send this form to potential donors as part of a newsletter or brochure. Donors can enter their contact and payment information and then return the form. This form can also be used when collecting donation items rather than cash payments. If needed, the template could also serve as a donation receipt.

‌ Download Donation Form Template — Word


Job and Change Order Form Templates

Change Order Template

Change Order Template

A change order is an important tool for adjusting construction contracts when work on a project needs to be added, removed, or changed. This template provides space for an overview of the changes needed, contract details, and a breakdown of costs, including materials, labor, and equipment. Attach any required documents to support the order and justify the changes requested.

Download Change Order Template

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Repair Work Order Form

Repair Work Order Form Template

Use this job order form to request repairs to an apartment, office space, or other location. The template includes a work order number for tracking incoming orders and sections for describing the repair work needed, start and end dates, and approval signatures. You can specify whether the repairs are to be done by appointment or if the repair person has authorization to enter the property at any time.

Download Repair Work Order Form

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Vehicle Maintenance Order Form

Vehicle Maintenance Order Form Template

Like all work orders, this template describes what work is to be completed, but it is specifically designed for automotive maintenance or repairs. Fields are provided for entering details about the vehicle, labor required, the quantity and prices for parts needed, and the total cost. Users can quickly see a breakdown of work and costs along with the projected completion date.

‌ Download Vehicle Maintenance Order Form — Excel

Maintenance Work Order

Maintenance Work Order Template

This maintenance job order is designed to function as a request form for a wide range of work, from vehicles and equipment to property or landscaping. It can be used as a general task order form for any type of work. Enter client information, work location and dates, and terms of service. There is an itemized section for adding work details and hourly rates or unit prices. The template calculates subtotals and the total amount owed for the work requested.

‌ Download Maintenance Work Order — Excel

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