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Get the big picture


Whether you're creating robust roadmaps, visualizing individual project plans, or managing complex campaigns, the all-new timeline view empowers you to:

  • Streamline your work and stay on top of deadlines and milestones by visualizing project milestones and tasks

  • Stay informed and communicate real-time project status fast- with a view that saves and updates your work for you

  • Organize your work your way. Group items logically by theme, like owner, status, phase, and more

  • Gain comprehensive insights with ease. Zoom out to see the big picture, zoom in to see the details, and easily find and update the information you need all in one place

What's next for timeline

Next, we will enable you to publish timelines in your dashboards and integrate them into your reports.

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Timeline view is a visual masterpiece, ideal for presenting our high-level project timelines to executive sponsors.

It’s simple to group project schedules by phase and clearly see expected completion times.

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A preview of what's next

Board view

board view

Boost agility for faster results


Kanban boards provide clear visibility into the status of work items, allowing team members to see what tasks are in progress, what's completed, and what's up next. When managing agile projects, optimizing task distribution, or simply tracking your team's to-do lists, board view enables you to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary meetings with cards and positioning that communicate status for you

  • Keep the team focused on high-priority tasks

  • Customize the board to fit the needs and workflow of your team

  • Easily find the information you need with independent lane scrolling

Table view

table view

Manage tasks and collaborate with ease


The user-friendly space for project, task and data management and team collaboration. With the new table view you can:

  • Organize information your way; find what you need, gain actionable insights, and make decisions faster

  • Load even your largest and most complex sheets quickly — each sheet will support up to 100k rows and 5 million cells

  • Get your team up and running fast with our new, intuitive design

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