Free Price Comparison Templates

By Andy Marker | November 26, 2018 (updated April 17, 2023)

The following list of free, downloadable templates includes the most useful vendor price comparison, competitor price analysis, and construction cost comparison spreadsheets. You’ll also find a traditional cost benefit analysis template and sales comparison dashboard. All of these Excel templates are simple to use, printable, and fully customizable for business or personal use.


Construction Cost Comparison Template


Construction Cost Comparison Template

Compare bids from construction contractors and subcontractors using this cost comparison spreadsheet. Include the name of each contractor, bid amounts, work descriptions, and other details worth evaluating. Rank each bidder based on cost and qualifications to make an informed decision. Construction contractors can also use this template to select subcontractors for a project. Individuals can use this to consider bids for a remodel or other construction project. The template includes a ranking column so that you can quickly see which bidders are the most competitive.

Download Construction Cost Comparison Template

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Competitor Price Analysis Template


Competitor Price Analysis Template

Conduct a basic competitor analysis by comparing product prices at multiple companies against your own. The template includes columns for low, high, and average prices so you can easily see where your pricing falls on the spectrum. Customize the template by adding columns for other information that you want to track, such as product ID numbers, taxes, shipping costs, or important notes. You can also subtract columns to adjust the number of competitors you are analyzing. Getting a quick overview of your competition is a starting place for more in-depth analysis and strategic approach to your pricing.

Download Competitor Price Analysis Template

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Vendor Price Comparison Template


Vendor Price Comparison Template

This price comparison list template allows you to view pricing information for multiple vendors in one spreadsheet. Create a list of item names and descriptions, and then enter the different prices that each vendor charges for a given item. The template will automatically calculate totals based on unit prices, item quantities, and added taxes. Once you’ve entered the appropriate information, you can determine which vendors are offering the most competitive prices for the products you need. Consumers can also use this price comparison sheet to figure out which businesses have the lowest prices for various products or services.

‌ Download Vendor Price Comparison Template — Excel


Product Feature Comparison Template


Product Feature Comparison

Whether comparing products internally or evaluating your competitors, this template allows you to create a visual matrix of product features. Compare each product based on the features you choose to highlight, ranging from basic to advanced. This practice is useful for business or personal use, as consumers can determine what similar products have to offer and companies can see how products compare and how different features influence cost.

Download Product Feature Comparison Template — Excel


Cost Benefit Analysis Template


Cost Benefit Analysis

Enter projected financial losses and gains for a project, new product development, or other business venture to administer a basic cost benefit analysis. The template provides columns for a span of five years and weighs costs and benefits in order to determine total potential value over time. Edit the line items for common inputs and outputs to reflect your sources of revenue and ongoing expenses.


Download Cost Benefit Analysis Template — Excel


Product Sales Comparison Dashboard


Product Sales Comparison Dashboard

Evaluate product performance and pricing with this sales comparison template. The dashboard provides a visual reference for tracking revenue and comparing products based on income. The template also shows unit prices, total items sold, shipping costs, the number of items that buyers returned, and total profits. The view provides an efficient way for small businesses to compile and analyze sales information to help manage product development, inventory, and pricing strategies.


Download Product Sales Comparison Dashboard — Excel


What Are Examples of Cost Comparisons?

Cost comparison is the act of measuring the costs of different products and services prior to making a decision. Factors considered include quality, availability, and value in order to determine which option is the best investment.

Why Use a Price Comparison Template?

Both companies and consumers use price comparison worksheets to help make informed decisions. A business that works with vendors and suppliers may use a price comparison to evaluate costs before choosing a vendor or purchasing certain products. Consumers may want to compare store prices for specific products and then use that information to create a targeted shopping list to save money.

Pricing templates are also used for conducting a competitive analysis to understand market trends and see how a company’s products and pricing structure compare to its competitors’. Of course, you can use a comparison template to evaluate any item or feature (not just the price). Businesses and consumers often compare product features, quality, and other factors to inform decisions about purchasing and production.


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