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NEW PRODUCT Development

Accelerate product launches

Fast-track your product launches by optimizing project delivery and increasing productivity with better resource management. Deliver breakthrough innovation by driving efficiencies across the product development lifecycle with Smartsheet.

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Supercharge innovation with a tested platform for modern product managers


2x increase in the number of products launched

50% increase in process efficiency

2000+ hours saved a year in status reporting

Calibrate product ideas, accelerate development, gain competitive edge

Stack product portfolios against effort and value realization. Use data to make go/no-go decisions on development projects. Gate review process that runs through the entire lifecycle of the product, right from idea intake to launch and EOL. Launch products faster and maximize their value with a platform designed to support, standardize, and scale your own product development workflows.

  • Translate and orchestrate product strategy to execution. Balance the strategic portfolio-level pre-requisites of business leaders with the adaptive project-level needs of individual developers and development teams.
    Use a single platform to ideate and capture all ideas, assign value to them, and score and prioritize to ensure value.

  • Accelerate your project execution time by supporting a systematic and quality approach to product development. Drive consistency and speed with project blueprints and workflow templates. 
    Achieve greater collaboration, data sharing, and communication within and between project teams, managers, leadership, and your customers to support iterative and agile product delivery.

  • Leverage the Smartsheet adaptive capabilities to meet your product development organization’s project management maturity. Rely on a highly configurable and flexible solution to support the unique needs of your business and teams. Achieve consistency in projects by standardizing –  ensure projects get completed, goals are met, and status is tracked accurately.

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Use Smartsheet to categorize costs and benefits by type and objective, calculate these across different stage gates throughout the entire product development lifecycle to make accurate and informed recommendations. Identify and prioritize product themes and assign a value to each to help make the best product development decisions.

An Expert Guide to Cost-benefit Analysis

Support idea repository, idea screen process, and idea scoring to rank and prioritize new product ideas. Use the Smartsheet intake form to accurately capture incoming requests. Stay on top of all incoming requests and approval status with the intake portal. Use automation to track approvals and achieve transparency in planning and decision-making.

Use the Project Intake Template Set

Use Smartsheet Resource Management to effectively find and schedule the best project team, resolve staffing conflicts in real time, and forecast hiring needs. It is easy to build the best team for the job, plan capacity, keep project schedules and budgets on track, and confidently forecast hiring needs.

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Automate data collection across projects, programs, and portfolios. Introduce a seamless experience and bridge data silos, leveraging the out-of-the-box integrations of Smartsheet with leading workflow management, BI, CRM, and collaboration tools.

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Use the powerful communication, collaboration, and automation capabilities of Smartsheet to foster communication within and across project teams, managers, and the leadership, and even with stakeholders outside of your enterprise. 

Ensure that teams stay focused and committed to achieving their goals.

Downward Communication: The Importance of Company Messaging