How Much Is “The Way We’ve Always Done It” Costing You?

Use this cost calculator to determine how much time and money you and your team waste on inconsistent processes, status meetings, and tedious, manual work. Fill out all five parts to get your complete costs or skip ahead to the sections that matter most to you.

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Cost of Tedious, Manual Work

  1. Cost of Tedious, Manual Work
  2. Cost of Unproductive Status Meetings
  3. Cost of Searching for and Analyzing Data
  4. Cost of Delayed Time-to-Market
  5. Cost Associated With Project Delays

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*Calculations are based on the following sources: 

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What benefits will you and your team realize with the right work execution platform?

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Improved decision making with consolidated access to real-time information.


Increased productivity with less time spent on tedious, manual work and status reporting.

Reduced costs and increased revenue with initiatives delivered on time and on budget.

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