• Smartsheet and Box

    Smartsheet helps teams work together to manage tasks, projects and processes. Box makes it easy to securely share, access, and manage your company’s content. Use Smartsheet for Box, to keep content in context by accessing files in Box directly from Smartsheet. You and your team members will have the information you need at the exact moment you need it, all without ever leaving your work. We’ll show you how this works for a team responsible for producing an event. Kelly is an event manager. She uses Smartsheet to create an event plan outlining all the key tasks that need to happen leading up to the event and shares it with everyone working on the project. The booth graphics need to be finalized today, so Kelly sends an update request to Shari the contractor working on the design, asking her to attach the file with the graphics. Shari views the request and attaches the file from Box. This triggers an email confirmation that goes to Kelly. Kelly takes a look at the design, adds a comment to the discussions, and sends the row to Zach, for approval. Zach reviews the design and approves it, triggering a notification that alerts Robin, the production manager, to start working on the display right away. Because he got the final design earlier than expected, Robin can finish production sooner, so he changes the Due Date, and status in the event plan. Everyone shared to the sheet immediately sees the updated status and can view the design, and if there are any last minute changes to the design file in Box, the most recent version will automatically appear in Smartsheet. To learn more about how Smartsheet for Box makes it easy to manage and share information with others visit the Smartsheet app gallery.

With Box and Smartsheet, you can seamlessly attach files directly to relevant tasks and projects​ without version control hassles. Save time, stay organized, and collaborate with your team where it matters – in the context of your work.

Key Features:

  • Organized file storage - Attach Box files to any row or sheet in Smartsheet.
  • Seamless to use - Quickly and easily find your files from Box in the pop-up file picker.
  • Always updated - Edited documents update in Smartsheet attachments, so your files are always current.

How to get it:

  • To attach files stored in Box to Smartsheet, review our detailed Help Center article
  • Use Box with an existing Smartsheet or any of the pre-built templates

Contact a Smartsheet representative to learn more about using Smartsheet with Box.