Smartsheet Merge for Google Docs

  • Smartsheet Merge for Google Docs

    If you've ever needed to create hundreds of documents from Google Docs including invoices, form letters, or envelopes, now you can with Smartsheet Merge for Google Docs You can use Smartsheet to track customer names, addresses and order status and automatically merge information into your Google Doc template to create hundreds of documents instantly. It's like a mail merge but with real time collaboration and no version control issues Let's see how it works. In this case, I want to use data that I have in sheet to prepare individual work orders that I'll assign to members of our team I’ll go to my Work Order in Google Docs, select the Smartsheet Merge Add on, and click Start Next, I’ll click on Select Sheet , do a quick search for "work orders" and select the work order sheet Then I’ll select the Rows that I want to create work orders for As you can see, I'm getting a view of my actual Smartsheet I'm going to select 4 of these properties to have merged directly into my work orders and save the selection Now I go to step 2; I want to get these fields right into my document. I just put my cursor next to the Start Date and I'll find the Start Date and select it, and I'll do the same with Assigned To The individual fields go right into my Google Doc template Once I merge the doc, all these fields will be filled in with data from my Smartsheet Now for step 3, I'll specify the type of output I’d like generated from my merge. I have several different options I can create multiple Google Docs and share them in Google Drive or Attach them to corresponding rows in Smartsheet, I can create multiple PDFs and share them in Google Drive, Upload or Attach them to corresponding rows in Smartsheet, and even Send them via Email I also have the option of combining the output into one file, for easy printing. I’ll choose to create 4 PDFs, and since my sheet contains the Technician email address in each row, I’ll select to “Send via Email” I’d like to customize the email message so I’ll click on Configure, select the column that contains the email addresses and add a subject line and message to the body of the email. I’ll use the default File Name Format, and click Run Merge Smartsheet Merge creates my new work orders, pulling in all of the data that I selected in Smartsheet, and sending a pdf attachment of each individual work order directly to the assigned technician. I can also go view the files if needed. And that's how to merge data from Smartsheet into Google Docs To learn more about how Smartsheet and Google work together visit the Smartsheet App Gallery

Smartsheet allows you to collaboratively collect and track lists, names, addresses, and other information. Smartsheet Merge gives you the power to merge that data into a custom Google Doc template to create multiple Google documents or PDFs in a snap.

Key Features:

  • Flexible - Create any custom format you would like with Google Docs.
  • Everything in One Place - Smartsheet Merge uses existing data so everything is in one place.
  • Simple - Create one or 100 docs in a snap - better than the traditional mail merge.
  • Configurable - Create Google Docs or PDFs, share them in Google Drive, attach them to row(s) in Smartsheet, send them via email.

How to get it:

  1. Open existing Google document or create a new one.
  2. Install Smartsheet Merge Add-on from the Add-ons toolbar.
  3. Connect to Smartsheet and point to your sheet with data.
  4. Insert merge fields, like customer name, address or phone number, into the document.
  5. Configure settings and run the merge to create one or more files from your Google Docs template.