Smartsheet Sync for Google Forms

  • Smartsheet Sync for Google Forms

    Smartsheet works with tools you already use including Google apps and services. Smartsheet Sync takes responses from Google forms and incorporates the responses directly into Smartsheet where you can use that data to create collaborative on plans or processes. In this example, we’ll look at how to turn the responses to a customer satisfaction survey created in Google Forms into an actionable customer outreach plan in Smartsheet. If you’re already working in Google Forms, you can get Smartsheet Sync from the Add-ons area. Go to Add-ons Select “Get add-ons” Search for “Smartsheet Sync” Click the Add button and give Smartsheet Sync permission to access your information on Google Click Accept and wait for the confirmation window to appear Smartsheet Sync is now part of your Add-ons menu You can also get the Smartsheet Sync add-on from the Chrome Webstore When you’re ready to sync data to Smartsheet from your Google Form go to the Add-ons menu, select Smartsheet Sync and click Start The Smartsheet Sync sidebar will appear on your right Then click Connect to Smartsheet and grant Smartsheet Sync access to your Smartsheet account. You’ll only need to do this step the first time you use Smartsheet Sync. Close the window that appears and go back to your Google Form Next, select the form that contains your data, map the form fields to columns in your destination sheet, and save your selection Click Start and Smartsheet Sync will begin sending form responses to Smartsheet Once the responses are added to your sheet, you can flag entries, add notes to discussions, and assign issues to team members for follow up. And that’s how to use Smartsheet Sync with Google Forms. To learn more about ways Smartsheet and Google work together visit the Smartsheet App Gallery.

Now you can create Google Forms to accept event registrations, help requests or survey responses and send them directly to Smartsheet. Then let the collaboration begin by attaching files to any row, viewing key dates in a Calendar or Gantt view, and setting reminders and report progress across multiple sheets.

Key Features:

  • Flexible - The Google Add-on detects user updates to your Google Form and automatically adjusts the structure of your destination sheet.
  • Instant - Immediately take action and collaborate on the information you collect.
  • Automatic - Responses are automatically updated in Smartsheet when a user edits their response in the Google Form.
  • Easy - It's simple to connect any existing or new form.

How to get it:

  1. Open any existing Google Form, or create a new one.
  2. Install Smartsheet Form Add-on from the Add-ons toolbar.
  3. Connect to Smartsheet and point to your sheet with data.
  4. Connect to Smartsheet and press Start to create a new destination sheet and begin sending forms responses to Smartsheet.