Microsoft Teams

  • Turn Conversations Into Action with Smartsheet and Microsoft Teams

    Smartsheet is a powerful work management platform designed for the way teams work today, so you can say yes to more ideas, more customers, and more revenue. Smartsheet seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office 365 applications, including Microsoft Teams. The integration with Teams combines real time messaging and collaborative work management to turn conversations into action and enhance operational visibility. Let's look at how a company uses Smartsheet and Microsoft Teams to launch a new product. Brian leads the global product launch team. The team relies on Microsoft Teams’ chat-based workspace to communicate in real time. The team also relies on Smartsheet to manage and collaborate on the work leading up to the launch. Abbie, one of the product managers, in the London office, gets to work and reviews the group chat to catch up on the team’s progress. She sees that the creative team is running into licensing issues with the music they’ve selected for the ad campaign. Abbie goes to the Smartsheet Tab to access the product launch sheet, assigns the theme music task to Joe in Legal, and updates the team Joe outlines his strategy for finalizing the negotiation and Abbie updates the task status. Sebrina, the CEO, opens her Dashboard to review the progress of all the upcoming releases before heading to a board meeting. She’s pleased with the team’s progress and sends a group chat telling them to keep up the good work. The team decides to move the launch date up. The combined power of collaborative work management and group chat enables the team to turn conversations into action and get products to market more quickly!

The Smartsheet integration with Microsoft Teams harnesses the creativity and spontaneity of conversations, pairing them with a work execution platform to transform conversations into action.

Get More Work Done Without Leaving Microsoft Teams

With the Smartsheet integration with Teams, you can receive Smartsheet notifications and reminders as direct messages,review and submit Smartsheet update requests, and review and approve Smartsheet approval requests without leaving Teams. Find you need to see more detail in Smartsheet? All Smartsheet notifications in Teams contain a link back to Smartsheet (single row notifications contain a row link and multiple row notifications contain a sheet link) so you can easily get the level of information you need.

Hub for Teamwork 

Microsoft Teams customers can add Smartsheet sheets, dashboards, and reports as ‘Tabs’ within a Team channel, to bring conversations together with a current view of projects while providing a central location where teams can work more effectively.

Turn Chat into Action

With this integration, you can go beyond conversation to take action on key projects and tasks from within the Teams app. No more switching between apps to approve requests or share key information.

Enhance Operational Visibility

Key stakeholders can quickly understand where a program stands with access to accurate, real-time information.

How To Get the Integration:

Within Microsoft Teams, click on the “store” (lower left) and search for Smartsheet. Then connect Teams to your Smartsheet account.  With the “Add for you” option, you can elect to receive Smartsheet messages in Teams. With the “Add to a team” feature, you can add Smartsheet as a tab so your team can see and interact with Smartsheet sheets, dashboards and reports.

The ability to receive Smartsheet messages in Teams is available to all customers of Smartsheet and Microsoft Teams.



Contact a Smartsheet representative to learn more about using Smartsheet with Microsoft Teams.