Skype for Business Online

  • Smartsheet and Skype for Real Time Collaboration and Communication

    Smartsheet is the world’s leading SaaS platform for managing and automating collaborative work. Smartsheet integrates with Microsoft services and applications, including Skype for Business Online. Teams can collaborate in Smartsheet and communicate in real time via Skype, with the option to save conversations in Smartsheet for reference. “Smartsheet and Microsoft have a strong history of working together.” “This integration with Skype for Business is yet another example of how Smartsheet is integrating with Microsoft Office 365 technologies to create an enhanced productivity experience that is familiar, seamless and helps teams and individuals work better,” said James Skay,Senior Product Marketing Manager, Skype for Business Developer Platform, Microsoft Corp. Let’s look at how a team uses Smartsheet and Skype for Business to keep a product launch on track Dan, the product manager, uses Smartsheet to assign and manage tasks and due dates, for all the activities leading up to the launch, He sees that the Executive Approval task is At Risk Since Brian, the task owner is online, Dan starts a chat session with Brian to learn more about the issue. Brian updates Dan with the latest information The conversation is automatically saved as a comment attached to the row, so it's available for future reference Dan updates the status of the task. The launch is now back on track. Contact us today to learn more about how Smartsheet and Skype for Business help teams work better.

See Who Is Available

See your team members’ availability on Skype for Business from within Smartsheet

Send an Instant Message (IM) 

Initiate a secure instant message conversation from a sheet to stay in context

Keep Track of Your Conversations

Automatically save conversations to the comments column on a row in your sheet, so they can be viewed by anyone with access to the sheet at any time

How to Get the Integration:

Smartsheet’s integration with Skype for Business is available for on Smartsheet Business and eligible Enterprise plans. The Smartsheet and Office 365 administrators can enable this capability in Smartsheet. 


Contact a Smartsheet representative to learn more about using Smartsheet with Skype for Business.