Smartsheet for Slack

With Smartsheet for Slack, you can set Smartsheet notifications to be automatically sent to Slack channels. The appropriate teams are immediately updated on specific changes in their channel, so they can swiftly take action or join in the celebration of achieving a key milestone. Once you set up your notification rules, the Slack channel you selected will automatically receive updates - saving you from sending them manually.

Key Features:

  • Smartsheet notifications may be delivered to Slack channels (public and private)
  • Single row notifications contain detail regarding what fields changed in the row whereas multiple row notifications contain a simple summary of changes (e.g., 2 new rows added)
  • All Smartsheet notifications in Slack contain a link back to Smartsheet; Single row notifications contain a row link and multiple row notifications contain a sheet link.

How to get it:

To send notifications to a Slack channel, click on the Alerts & Actions button and select "Send a Slack notification", then follow the simple menu options.

If your admin has not turned it on for your organization, ask to install from the Slack Directory and a message will be sent to your admin requesting access.

For information about how to get started and more detail, see Help Article