Automate to Securely Collaborate: 3 Ways to Protect Data

by Melissa Cafiero

Data is a currency. It can be sold and traded, and used for malicious intent. And it costs companies, affecting the bottom line. According to the Ponemon Institute’s report, “2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study: Global Overview,” the cost of a data breach averages $3.86 million. 

Collaborating on work can get messy, raising the risk of your data getting into the wrong hands. From emailing spreadsheets back and forth, leaving papers on your desk, or distributing handouts in meetings, you lose control of who has access to the data you need to share to get work done. 

Taking advantage of a few Smartsheet features and premium apps can help your teams collaborate safely.

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Secure, Granular Sharing With Dynamic View 

With Smartsheet Dynamic View, you can move beyond basic, simple permissions settings and gain granular sharing control. Sharing at a granular level means you can set visibility and access to specific individuals based on their role and level of detail needed to complete their work. Dynamic View allows you to maintain the confidentiality required for your processes by preventing users or third party vendors from accessing the full sheet, without hindering the collaboration required to quickly execute work.

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Dynamic View also allows you to set visibility at a read-only level or grant editing capabilities, so you can share only what collaborators need to see and choose whether they can edit specific information. 

Automated Importation With Data Uploader 

Are you managing data and need a way to translate what the data really means for your project or business? With the Smartsheet Data Uploader, you can automatically import data into Smartsheet from any system you can download to a CSV file, from enterprise and proprietary software systems, including ERP, CRM, database, and more, then report out on the information. 

The time savings gained through the automated data importation is merely one benefit. Another plus of using Smartsheet is the ability to manage permissions when sharing a sheet as you determine Admin, Editor, or Viewer permissions for collaborators. 


Connect Critical Enterprise Systems to Smartsheet With Data Uploader

Karyopharm Therapeutics, a clinical-stage pharmaceuticals company, used the Smartsheet Data Uploader in its global clinical trials of its flagship product, Selinexor, a drug used to treat a type of blood cell cancer called multiple myeloma. Karyopharm’s data analysts collaborated across time zones to organize and streamline the process of capturing, sharing, and reporting on data to identify patient impact. They needed visibility for stakeholders, which included data providers and the medical professionals who administered Selinexor. 

With the Smartsheet Data Uploader, Karyopharm’s data analysts were able to automate a manual process, ensure accuracy of information, and protect sensitive patient data by setting access controls on the information. 

Protected Data Capture With Forms

Smartsheet forms makes it easy for you to collect information like survey responses, contact information, RSVPs, and more. Each form submission automatically populates within your sheet as a new row, meaning there’s no manual transfer of information — which can damage data integrity thanks to human error. 

While this is important for most companies, it’s also important for government workers seeking to work more efficiently, but needing to adhere to data-protection regulations. 

Keeping your data secure and protecting your privacy is our most important job. Visit our Trust Center to learn more.